A Words

A words of slang and phrases from the world of April 20. The most recent addition to the A marijuana words listings is awesauge. Awesauge means to feel great, awesome, spectacular. My weed is awesauge dope for the brain.

a fin – n. – Five bucks or a gamblers 500. (Danni)
a freddy – n. – Pint of beer. (Danni)
Abe signifies $5 worth of drugs.
Abe’s cabe causes you to bring out the $5 bill.
A-bomb combines marijuana and heroin then it is smoked in cigarette. Would it work in a vaporizer?
abdicate – v. – Give up on ever having a flat stomach. (Danni)
Abysinnia! – v. – purposefully said wrong for “I’ll be seeing you!”
aboot – adj. – About. emphasizing Canadianess. (Danni)
absinthe – n. – A narcotic alchoholic beverage made from wormwood and flavored with anise. Said to get you high & drunk at the same time. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
a case of the ass or redass – v. – Annoyed, pissed off.
AC/DC – n. One person that likes both sexes equally in a sexual manner.Bi-sexual. (Danni)
acid – n. Drug, usually LSD
ace – v. – To hit the weed by yourself even though others are present for the rotation, not to be confused with sleeping. Acing is not a rude gesture if it is announced. (Bluntman69 07/02/2004)
ace – n. A friend.
ace – v. Refers to excellent, or great.
ace – adj. A fool or an ass.
ace – n. Intelligent person.
ace – adj. Exaggerating mocking them “Yea you’re an ace buddy”
Accessory Cannaboids are the substances found in weed, CBC,CBD,CBN, which interact with the primary cannabinoids to alter their effect.
Acclimate to introduce a plant to different environmental conditions to allow it to adapt.
Ace your friendly marijuana cigarette.
Achenes refers to single-seeded fruits where the seed is free from the ovary wall except at the point of attachment.
Acid (acidic) to the overall state of the growing medium, as the rockwool or soil, where the PH balance is lower then 7.0.
Adapt (adaptation) and undergo positive modification to survive.
Aeration is good to allow the soil or growing medium to become less dense and allow more oxygen throughout.
Aeroponics deals with plants roots that are suspended in air, and nutrients and water is sprayed into the root zone in the form of fine mist.
afro – n. Hairstyle that is usually curly and puffed up all around.
Aft – n. abbr. for afternoon. (Danni)
AFK – v. – Away from keyboard. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
agnorant – adj. – When ppl dont’ stop to think about others and they only think of themselves. (Danni)
agreeance – v. – When more then 2 ppl come to an agreement. (Danni)
Aggregate everyone knows as the growing medium; usually grow rocks or lava rocks used for a hydroponic growing medium.
Agonies experienced as withdrawal symptoms.
Air blast sucks back inhalant or to inhale big time.
Airhead is found when a marijuana user totally zonks out.
airier – n. – Any place that has more air than another place. (Danni)
airlocked – n. being drunk or intoxicated. (Danni)
airy-fairy – n. – Someone that is lacking in strength. (Danni)
Air Flow refers to good circulation needed in a good marijuana growing room.
Airplane is marijuana slang.
Alcohole had too much too drink, now they’re an a#$hole.
Alice B. Toklas was the person who has perhaps the best recipe for brownies. It is also slang for marijuana brownies.
Alkaline in the acid field refers to the overall state of the growing medium, such as the rock wool or soil, where the PH. balance is above 7.0.
All lit up as the brain is wasted on weed. Sometimes comes out in uncontrollable yacking.e
All star has to be that user of multiple drugs.
All-American drug of course is marijuana.
All American Smoke Out time where you sit down with a friend and smoke a lot of weed. (Thanks to Trotki Feb 5, 2004)
AM for your morning short marijuana term.
Ammonium nitrate chemical fast acting form of nitrogen which encourages fast vegetative growth.
Amp joint refers to a marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic.
Ampere in electrical terms is the unit used to measure the strength of an electrical current capacity.
Amped-out happens when fatigue sets in after using ganja.
Angola is a well known marijuana country.
angry high – v. – Being so poor that you were forced too buy only swag in which you have to smoke massive amounts of to achieve a high which makes you incredibly angry. (SkiWrestler 17-Aug-05)
Annual once a year harvest rate indoors or outdoors but usually outside.
Anther commonly refers to the part of the flower that releases pollen.
Anything going on in the scene, do you have marihuana to sell?
Aphid can really harm a plant, they are small white insects that munches on marijuana plants.
aqua lung – n. – A gravity bong in a bucket. Also a person who smokes mega and won’t let you have any. (Weedman 07/05/2004)
arboles – n. – Spanglish slang, means “trees” in English, trees means weed in Weedlish. (Jesse 19-May-05)
Archie Bunker – n. – Bammer weed, no good. (D.t.M. 24-Jan-06)
Area 51 – n. – The place you and you’re friends go smoke and anybody else is not allowed. (Chronic213 15-Apr-05)
are you anywhere? – v. – Are you on dope? (JPeterman 11-Apr-05)
Are you anywhere with the use of marijuana.
argy-bargy – n. trouble or argueing noisilly. (Danni)
arm candy – adj. – Foxy chick next to you. (Barbwired 05/12/2004)
around the way – v. From around the neighborhood
around the way – v. Not from around here
Around the world means 420 slang for the marijuana smoking action.
Ashes naturally occurring marijuana leftovers from smoking joints. You can make ink out of the ashes and use it for tattoos.
Astro Turf slangs up for the type of Marijuana in street terms.
Ate up continuous wasting of the brain.
Atom bomb combines marijuana and other intoxicants in a mix to smoke.
Atshitshi is common marijuana slang.
Aunt Mary the lady we all love, stands for Marijuana.
Autoflower Marijuana is a type of marijuana that will enter the flowering stage at any time despite any growing conditions.
aviation-blonde – n. a person that doesn’t have natural blonde hair but dyed it so that it would be blonde. (Danni)
awesome – v. – Truly great happening.
a whole ‘nother – adj. – Totally different. (Danni)
axe – v. Ask; “Axe about me.”
Axil is the joint between the leaf or leaf stalk and the stem that carries it.
aya – adj. Oh no! “Aya I forgot to grab mail”
ay yo trip – v. – Rap phrase meaning hey man, check this out. (420 Rapper 07/20/2004)