B Words

B words and phrases from the good people who live the 420 lifestyle. Our somewhat new addition to the B 420 words listings is bubblehash. Bubblehash is a way of making hash using ice, cold water, frozen dry herb and ice water. Some people call it ice bubble hash. Black brownies filled with organic ingredients making your brain feel as good as chocolate tastes.

B stands for an amount of marijuana to fill a matchbox.
B-40 is a cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor.
b-boy – n. – A break dancer. (Willyman 06/01/2004)
b-ride – n. – Smoking a blunt or bowl on a cruise in a car “You tryin to go on a b-ride?” (TheHerbalRemedy 25-July-07)
b-Man – n. Brawler man
B-Town – n. Berkeley, California; Boston, Massachusetts.
B.F.O – n. Bald, Fat and Old
B.F.U – adj. Bald, Fat and Ugly
Baba Ku refers to the legendary central Asian figure to whom it is attributed the introduction of hashish to Afghanistan.
baboon – n. Someone who is being a fool or an oaf. (Danni)
Baby / Baby bhang combines two marijuana slangs.
baby bhang – n. – Weed
baby gravy – n. a males semen. (Danni)
Baby-sit helps you guide someone through first drug experience.
babysitting – v. – Holding onto a bong or joint too long. (Barbwired 07/05/2004)
Bad seed can be peyote, mushrooms, marijuana or the guy your daughter brings home.
Bad trip everyone goes through bad acid trip and you freak out and do something stupid. Some people take so much of a substance that they never recover or recoup brain function.
backdoor – n. – A person must call this before smoking a blunt so people could know he’s second to hit the blunt. (VivalaEdd 15-Jan-07)
back down – v. Bowing down, doesn’t like to fight
backhandler – n. to bribe. (Danni)
backy – n. tabacco abbr. (Danni)
babbage – adj. – Bad weed; low grade pot that doesn’t get you high. (ThePendragon 01/20/2005)
bad ass – n. Someone who is too good for their own good
badger – v. to bother someone non-stop. (Danni)
bad mouth – v. to insult someone or somthing. (Danni)
bad news – n. a person that causes trouble. (Danni)
backyard boogie – n. – Schwag like weed, not very potent; shitty homegrown. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
baconify – v. – To add bacon to a food product. (Hot1 06-Jan-09)
Bag up that weed, a container for drugs.
Bagboy a peddler or someone who sells pot for someone else.
Bag man is the person who transports money.
Bain is a type of rolled joint. (A big phatty to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 3, 2004)
Baked slangs up into describing your state of mind after marijuana consumpption.
bake sale – n. – A 420 smoking session. (Barbwired 07/05/2004)
Baker means a person smoking marijuana.
ball and chain – n. a males wife or long time girlfriend. (Danni)
bale – n. – A big bag or bale of marijuana.
baller – n. Ballplayer, someone who is good at playing basketball, and has moved up to earning a lot of money and getting a lot of girls from that. “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller”.
baller – n. Someone who has established himself in the hood, who is making much money, and who is good with the ladies.
ballin – v. Having it all. Drugs, money and the bitches.
balmy – n. a person that comes off insane or crazy. (Danni)
baloney/boloney – n. meaning nonsense. (Danni)
balut – n – terms in Malaysia for rolling a joint. (Justis_29 07-Oct-05)
bam – n. foolish and objectionable people. (Danni)
bama – n. Person who cannot dress, a loser.
bama – n. Shake, a type of marijuana from the leaves rather than the buds of the hemp plant.
Bale stands for a compressed brick of marijuana with varying big weights.
Ballast the electrical device which regulates electrical flow and for electrical lamps.
Bamba that cool marijuana.
Bambalacha is a street word for marijuana.
Bammies got poor quality marijuana.
Bammy describes lower thc in marijuana slang.
Bammer another word given to weak marijuana.
Banana describes a marijuana spliff that curves like a banana. (Cheers to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 5, 2004)
Banano more slang for marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with other intoxicants.
bang – v. To fight or to kill
bang – v. Horizontal bop “ I’m gonna bang this girl”
banger – n. someone associated with gangs.
banger – n. Rocker, from head banging
bank – n. Money.
bankhead hwy – n. Highway in Atlanta where all players go.
bank machine – n. Money Tree, someone who is always relied on to be the one to give some money.
banshee – n. – Weed. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Bar me from smoking too much marijuana.
barbeque pit – n. – Decribes taste at the end of a bowl. (Drew 4/20/05)
barbie – n. BBQ,
barbie – n. A girl who wears to much makeup
bargie – n. Pretty boy who doesn’t like to get dirty
bare – adj. – Really or very good, “We smoked off some bare buds”, “That geezer is bare solid”. (UK Ganja God 05/28/2004)
barf – v. vomiting. (Danni)
barbwire fence climber – adv. What you say to someone wit jacked up shoes. “What happened to your shoes? you been climbing barbwire fences?” (RobBraveHeart718 03/27/2004)
barmcake – n. nicer term for a fool or and idiot. (Danni)
barmpot – n. a person that acts silly. (Danni)
barmy – adj. something that is cool, mad, insane, crazy. (Danni)
barny – n. to have an argument. (Danni)
barny rubble – adj. to cause or be in trouble. (Danni)
barry – adj. to be a good or a nice person. (Danni)
bar steward – n. the pun of the word bastard. (Danni)
barzen – v. – Smoking cannabis.
Base starts the beginning of a joint needs a good base of herb.
Baseball bat best describes perfectly rolled marijuana joints. (420 Thanks to Sarah-Beth O.)
Basuco foreign language for cocaine; coca paste residue sprinkled on marijuana or regular cigarette.
Bat naturally means a marijuana pipe, easily disguised as a cigarette.
Bazooka me that laced marijuana to smoke.
BC Bud always is a friend with good BC marijuana and smokes it with you.
Beat artist means a person selling bogus drugs.
Bedbugs refers to fellow addicts.
Bee sometimes alludes to a bong hit or a head rush.
Best Friends obviously are high quality marijuana buds, the best marijuana types.
Binky reefers to marijuana cigarette. (not a typo)
Biodegradable can be compounds able to decompose through bacterial and environmental actions. Also can be good pot about to be consumed.
Bite one’s lips holds onto the thought you’re about to smoke marijuana.
Bhang everyone knows is an Indian type of smoking mix of pollen from marijuana flowers and ghee, an oily butter. It’ll knock you out.
Black multiples into compressed weed, opium or numerous types of good marijuana.
Black Bart refers to cannabis from the street.
Black ganga made into marijuana resin oil.
Black gold stands for the high-potency marijuana.
Black gunion infamous slang for ganja.
Black hash is world famous compressed kiff from marijuana originating from Afghanistan and middle east countries.
Black mo/black moat stands for highly potent marijuana.
Black mote mixes honey and marijuana.
Black powder is the result of black hash ground into powder.
Black Russian has hashish mixed with opium.
Blackout into that stat of mind  everyone desperately seeks to achieve on a daily basis.
Blanket refers to the comfort feeling and mind coverage of a  marijuana cigarette.
Blanks naturally are very low-quality weed.
Blast partake or smoke marijuana.
Blast a joint with your smoke out friends, make sure the pot is good man.
Blast a roach or light up that end of the doobie butt.
Blast a stick on the street refers to smoking marijuana.
Blasted my brain is polluted and under the influence of drugs.
Blaze of glory into smoking cannnabis. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004)
Blazed so you are high on Marijuana. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004)
Blitzed means under the influence of drugs.
Blocked is the state of mind when somebody is spaced out because they have smoked so much weed. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004)
Blonde stands for the color of hash, blonde hash.
Blood Meal defines the high nitrogen, organic fertilizer used to stimulate vegetative growth in seedlings and clones.
Blow a Stick and smoke some ganja.
Blooming characterizes the best part of marijuana plant growth where the marijuana flower starts to grow and flourish.
Blow means to consume cannabis in many different ways.
Blow a stick bundles up weed into a joint and smoke.
Blow one’s roof off the top of your head when you smoke marijuana.
Blowing smoke refers to using marijuana and gets high.
Blunt is marijuana inside a hollowed out cigar.
Blunted out comes about when someone smokes many blunts of marijuana.
Bluntosaurus exemplifies a very phat blunt. (T. Harris)
BMW chronicles Black and Mild Weed – A joint rolled in a black and mild cigar. (Cheemo to Max Reck Aug/12/12)
Bo-bo stands for Marijuana slang.
Bob the noun for a cannabis spliff.
Bobo bush labels for marijuana terminology.
Bogart a joint depicts a person who will salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share.
Bomb squad gets together and has a marijuana session.
Bomber means a marijuana cigarette.
Bong describes the pipe used to smoke marijuana.
Boom eludes to marijuana quality.
Bonsai like the tree is a a very short grown cannabis plant.
Boot the gong imparts a funny way to smoke ganja.
Boron labels a trace element fertilizer necessary for marijuana plant growth.
Bottle Bong constructed from home made parts into a bong using a small bottle. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004)
Bowl defines between 1/32 and 1/16 ounce of marijuana.
Bowling constitutes the act of smoking bowls of pot.
Bract in nature is the small little leaflets in Cannabis that appear below the calyxes.
Brain Resin making hash oil aka hashish oil aka honey oil. Buy hash oil, buy hashish oil and buy honey oil. Brain Resin
Brewery depicts the place where ganja is grown.
Brick measures up to 1 kilogram of pot.
Broccoli visualizes into depicting marijuana.
Brownies are made from marijuana and rolled into little balls, then smoked ( March 8, 2004 j.c. i got the nug for ya c.p.)
Brown weed connects marijuana mixed with cocaine.
B.T./ Bottle Toke a fun way to using an empty plastic bottle, burn a small hole in the side and cover with tin foil, poke holes in it then fill with marijuana like a bowl on a pipe, then light the bowl and inhale through the original hole at the top. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004)
Bubble Hash is an excellent THC concentrate made several different ways, looking like little bubbles of goodness in hash form.
Bud naturally becomes your Marijuana friend.
Buds marijuana buds are the group of guys who smoke all your weed.
Buda like the higher consciousness is high-grade marijuana joint filled with more potent drugs.
Buddhists state to consume cannabis in order to obtain a mystical experience, the primary goal of which is detachment from worldly things.
Budgie concerns a 420ite that gets stoned from smoking very little weed. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004)
Buffer is the one who buys your marijuana for you.
Bullyon describes the best quality of cannabis.
Burning logs natural to smoking a joint.
Burn one with us, we want to smoke too.
Burned was the act of purchasing fake drugs.
Burned out attributes too many smoked marijuana joints and the brain is not reacting anymore.
Burnie is slang for ganja.
Burnout can be a heavy abuser of drugs, or a person who has exhausted their supply of weed.
Burnt is the brain that smoked to much weed.
Bush describes the marijuana plant when it gets huge.
Butter does a melty marijuana effect.
Butter flower or Marijuana buds that are smooth to smoke.
Buzz out and become under the influence of drugs.
Buzzkill when people are stoned and laughing and chatting and having a good time then somebody says something that makes everyone go silent. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004)