C Words

C words and slang phrases created by the 420 community. The new addition to the C marijuahna words listings is CBD. CBD is a medical component of cannabis. Apparently you do not get high off CBD. CBD does have medical users love because they don’t get high. Their are cannabis strains available high in CBD content. Visit our page sponsor Cannabis Strains for a good CBD listings with worldwide shipping.

C.B. – n. Clock block, cell block
C.R.E.A.M. – n. Money. Acronym for Cash Rules Everything Around Me
C.Y.A – v. Cover Your Ass
cabanger – adj. Used to describe something that is broken
cabbage – n. & adj. – The leaf of the weed plant, so called because of the cabbagy taste when smoke. Also used to describe a bad strain of marijuana. (DW 08/24/2004)
cable – n. Bulky gold chain
cacho – n. – Slang for a cannabis joint. (Weedman 09/12/2004)
cacky – adj. – Dirty or slovenly. (420 Auntie 22-Mar-05)
Cacti Joint up the doobie of dried and ground up cannabis.
Cad/Cadillac measures as 1 ounce of cannabis.
CADET – n. – Can’t add, doesn’t even try. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
Cadillac Cruisin – v. – To hot box my Cadillac while I cruise and hit my switches. (GQ 02/14/2005)
caf – n. A cafeteria
cafeeined – v. – Your cafeeined on weed meaning your hooked. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
cage – n. Motorcyclists’ slang for a car
cake – n. money, lots of it
cake – adj. Used to describe a woman who has a fat ass
Calliope – n. Project in the New Orleans.
Calyx names the part of a marijuana plant that looks like it would encase the seeds, like a floral sheath.
Calcium chemical that’s a trace element used in cannabis plant growth fertilizer.
camp – v. To keep something and claim it as your own.
camping – v. – The act of forgetting to pass a smoking joint, bowl, bong or blunt in a smoking circle. (Sbatio 29-March-07)
camp site – n. – Comically derogatory. A person who is engaged in the act of camping. Used by another member of the smoking circle to both restart the rotation of the smoking implement. ex. “Hey camp site! Pass the joint! (Sbatio 29-March-07)
Cam trip refers to High-potency marijuana cannabis.
Can measures marijuana; 1 ounce quantity.
Cancelled stick into smoked up marijuana cigarette.
Candela (candle) defines a unit of measurement in light intensity.
Cannabiniods are cyclic hydrocarbon molecules, such as THC, CBD and CBG, that are unique to Cannabis; each cannabinoid molecule derives from a terpenoid molecule and a phonetic acid molecule.
Cannabis means the marijuana plant, aka hemp, pot, ganja, reefer.
Cannabis Day falls on July 1st of every year as Canada celebrates Cannabis Day.
Cannabis Indica is the scientific name for a species of marijuana plant, the Indian hemp plant.
Cannabis Sativa defines another species of marijuana, closely related to indica.
Cannabis Strains are types of marijuana and a great marijuana head shop carrying what all the great head shops sell.
Cannabis tea drinks up as marijuana liquid.
Cannon refers to huge joint of cannabis.
Canoe means when a joint gets a hole in the side or looks like a canoe.
Cap up the transfer bulk form drugs to capsules.
Carbon Dioxide Co2 gases up during photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide (CO2), light, and hydrogen (usually water) to produce carbohydrates, which is a source of food. Oxygen is given off in this process as a by-product. Light is a key variable in photosynthesis.
CO2 a gas which plants obtain from the air – is the basic and major food of all plant life. In greenhouses or indoor operations, augmenting the natural level of CO2 in the air results in very lush and accelerated growth. It needs to be monitored for optimum levels, but is well worth the investment.
Carmabis defined as marijuana slang term.
carpet – adj. Plain, dull and boring
carrot – n. – A huge joint packed to the brim and generally the size of an average garden carrot. (Weedman 09/12/2004)
cartman – n. – A larger than normal marijuana cigarette. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Cartucho is the package of marijuana cigarettes.
Cashed out as the bowl is finished/empty
Castings are worm or other animal excrement used for growing marijuana.
Catnip described a marijuana cigarette.
Cavite all star image for marijuana quality.
Cereal means marijuana being smoked in a bowl.
Chamber is the part of the pipe used for smoking marijuana.
Charge or light up a marijuana joint.
Chase after smoking marijuana joints one after another.
Chaze means to christen a new bowl or pipe.
Check out my personal supply of drugs.
Cheeba is an old time word to describe marijuana.
Cheeo partyingly describes marijuana.
Cheroot alludes to smoking cigar shapes.
Chestbonz calls out the one who takes the biggest bong hit.
Chewies starts a crack at a bowl of weed.
Chief or chiefing signifies simply to go smoke bud. If you listen to the song.
Chief Rocka by Lords of the Underground it is used properly in that song. (Big Mal Connor)
Chillun is a type of pipe used to smoke hashish or cannabis.
Chiba-Chiba from a black Brazilian form of reefer, usually gummy and compressed into bricks.
Chillum / Chalice is a cone-shaped pipe made of clay, or sometimes of fruit or vegetable rinds.
Chips refer to marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP.
Chippie defines a marijuana loving person.
Chlorophyll deals with green pigmented, photosynthetic byproduct of plants.
Chlorosis is the yellowing of marijuana leaves.
Chocolate Thai is a new type of legal bud.
Christmas tree has 3 meanings – Marijuana; depressant; and amphetamine.
Chronic Weed names strong weed, very chronic weed is always the best smoke.
Chronic arrived from the hip-hop term for high-quality or potent reefer.
Chronnoisseurs know their types of marijuana.
Chorus describes a marijuana quantity.
Clearing alludes to a good open spot to plant outdoor marijuana.
Climb for a marijuana cigarette.
Clips refers to rows of vials heat-sealed together.
Clocking paper makes profits from selling drugs.
Clone (cloning marijuana) – A root cutting from a plant used to grow the exact same cannabis plant.
Cloud takes a huge hit from ice pipe.
Coasting puts you under the influence of drugs.
Cobalt is the chemical trace fertilizer element used for growing cannabis.
Cocktail refers to a joint of tobacco and marijuana combined.
Coffeeshop where Hash Weed Coffee shops are unique to Holland.
Colas are the marijuana flower tops.
Cold turkey no one wants any part of a sudden withdrawal from drugs.
Colorado cocktail is a unique marijuana drink.
colors – n. – Marijuana rolled in fruit flavored blunts. (KB 09-July-07)
colorin books – n. – Fruit flavored blunts. (KB 09-July-07)
Colorin session – v. – Tha act of smokin multiple blunts at a time. (KB 09-July-07)
color change – adj. – the ability of a pot pipe to cahge color over a period of time due to the increased build up of tar, the tar gives a background to clear colors that were infused during the blowing process. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
comatose – n. – Total lack of motor skills, person becomes a vegetable and basically passes out. Eyes barley open and completely red. (Salgo6t9 20-June-05)
come correct – v. To represent the real
come correct – v. To do something the way it should be done
come straight – adv. Don’t lie
Compost everyone knows as organic material used for growing marijuana.
Conductivity points to measuring nutrient solution strength.
Cone is more popular as a spleef in Australia.
Connect hook up and purchase drugs; supplier of illegal drugs.
Cooking Cannabis is the art of cooking cannabis by extracting the THC and then using recipes.
Cookout is meant to be when you save the ashes from all of your most recent stashes rolled them all up into a doobie and smoked them till it turns to dust. (Thanks to Twisted Rose around June 2012)
Copping zones are located in specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs
Corn-stalker defines a marijuana cigarette rolled in the shuck of a corn cob sealed with honey.
cottonmouth – n. – Caused by the smoke from cannibus drying up your mouth which makes you think you need to eat. (Crispy 30-April-07)
couchlock – n. – A type of high which causes the body to feel strong narcotic effects, as opposed to a cerebral high. (RR 20-April-07)
Cracker Weed describes good strong weed. (Cheers to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 5, 2004)
Crazy weed hints at a good marijuana.
Creeperbud is known as marijuana that creeps up on you.
Crill a joint laced with cocaine.
Crispina means Crippy, we use it to talk whenever someone outside the circle is around.
Crunk is drunk and really high. (Phatties go to Pool Boy Feb 18, 2004)
Crying weed is bad marijuana cubes or marijuana tablets.
Curing describes the process of dried marijuana becoming potent to smoke.