D Words

D is for doobie which doesn’t exactly mean a rolled up joint, it’s a cue for a vaporizing session. D words of the marijuana persuasion. Accompanied by phrases of phatness. Dabs is our new addition to the D 420 words listings. Dabs or dabbing refers to taking a hit of marijuana extracts. There are numerous ways to take your dab. We love our personal vaporizer for dabs.

D’s Dayton’s – n. An expensive brand of alloy wheels.
D’d – adj. – Pronounced “deed” meaning done, “That joint is D’d”. (JC2005 08/08/2004)
D-Town – n. Detroit
D.O.A. – n. Dead On Arrival
D.R. – n. Death row
D.R.S. – n. Down Right Stupid
Dab is marijuana in a full melt concentrated form, very potent.
Dabbin in the morning is the best wake and bake.
Dabtastic days are ahead, keep the spirit high.
Daddy means a marijuana joint.
Dagga defines as a marijuana alternative, you smoke it but it’s not weed.
Damian is someone that goes green from smoking very little weed. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004)
Dank slangs up marijuana or pot into the best weed.
Dawamesk old time marijuana slang.
Derbs (dabs) await the errly bird.
Dew defines how marijuana looks.
Dews describes $10 worth of drugs.
Diambista suggests a marijuana term.
Diggidy calls good herb.
Dime measures as 1/16 ounce of marijuana.
Dime bag labels $10 worth of drugs.
Ding image that a marijuana person not too bright.
Dow expresses a drug term.
Discharge Lamp illuminates a lamp that produces light by discharging an electric arc through a mixture of gases and gaseous metals.
Dirt grass depicts inferior-quality marijuana
Ditch labels marijuana possessing poor quality.
Ditch weed communicates marijuana, inferior quality.
Divider represents the act of sharing a joint with someone.
Dizzy defines as the effect of marijuana effect.
D.L. spot is a safe place to buy and use drugs.
Do a joint expresses to smoke marijuana.
Dog chronicles your good friend.
Dollar is $100 worth of drugs.
Dome exemplifies a plastic container used to grow marijuana seeds.
Domestic pictures locally grown marijuana.
Dominate imparts to rule the roost, one plant in a room will try to overgrow other marijuana plants and be the tallest.
Dona Juana calls when you want to refer to male marijuana.
Dona Juanita calls used to refer to female marijuana.
Don Don distinguishes a second generation roach doobie. (Jo March 15, 2004)
don’t wake daddy – n. – A game I play often at (everynight) night when I come home from smoking. It is game I’ve been playing where I tip toe pass my dad while jim high so I don’t wake him and get caught. (SkiWrestler 17-Aug-05)
doobage – n. – Any smokable weed that produces contentment and relaxation. Hey Mon do you know where I could hook up with some doobage. (LakeKeeper 28-Dec-06)
Doobie is the most famous slang for a marijuana joint.
Doobie/dubbe/duby also terms to describe marijuana joints.
Dope common word for marijuana; any other drug.
Dope fiend outlines a marijuana addict who loves to continually smoke dope.
Dope smoke refers to smoke marijuana.
double bubble – n. – A waterpipe with two chambers of water for extra filtration, the first often filled with hot water to cleanse the smoke and the second filled with cold water to chill the smoke to ease inhalation. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
Drainage paints the ability to let water and moisture run away from an area.
Dried Marijuana refers to the moisture taken out of the marijuana plant so it can be smoked. Many methods for drying marijuana.
Dr. Frankenstein (or ‘Franky’ for short) is a person who sells prescription drugs.
Draf weed recalls very inferior marijuana.
Drag weed defines inferior marijuana.
Drip System is used in hydroponic systems where nutrients drip slowly into the marijuana roots.
Drug Deal details the exchange of money for drugs.
Dry high portrays marijuana effects.
Dry Ice names ice when melted gives off CO2 gas for increased marijuana plant growth.
Dub counts as $20 dollar’s worth of cannabis.
Dub Sack counts as $20 worth of drugs(weed).
Due depicts residue of oils trapped in a pipe after smoking base.
Dugout is a pipe used for smoking marijuana.