F Words

F words plus phrases created by lifestyles of the friendly crowds. Our new addition to the F marijuana words listings is F2P. Meaning free to play. Used by many people when communicating incognito. Are you F2P?

F is for female marijuana as everybody knows the females are always the most sought after potent pot plant.
F1 is a first resulting generation offspring from a cross of two different parent plant strains.
F2 depicts a generation resulting from a cross of two of the same F1 hybrid.
fabu – v. To lie.
face card – n. – A hundred dollar bill. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
face fungus – n. – Facial hair. (420 J-Man 07-Apr-05)
Facey means to smoke a blunt or joint by yourself. (A. Amicone)
Factory states the place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured.
fade – v. to not listen to.
fade – adj. Erase.
fade – v. Get rid of (kill).
faded – v. – Under the influence of ganja.
faded – v. – Getting really stoned. (GQ 02/14/2005)
faded and x-rated – v. – To get high and have sex while being high. (GQ 02/14/2005)
fade up – v. – To step up in someone’s face prepared to throw down or fight. (vegeta_gurl 20-Nov-09)
faff – v. – To make a fuss, “Let me smoke this joint and stop faffing for it”. (Barb 04-May-05)
fair go – v. Fair chance.
fake jacks – v. To front.
fake jacks – v. Fake moves.
Fall happens when someone is arrested and taken away for something you did with others but you’ll take the blame alone. Solid Person.
fapillo – n. someone who steals alot
fashizzle – v. – Get moving, add some spice to life activities. (420Dog 01/04/2005)
fat dad – n. – A big cigarette of marijuana.
fat heffer – adj. – A huge sack “that fool hooked me up with a fat heffer” “do you got any fat heffers over that way? (Thizelle707 08-Oct-05)
Father Marijuana Plant illustrates the male species of marijuana used to create more marijuana plants.
Fat Pappy means a fat joint or blunt
Fatty refers to a cannabis cigarette.
fazong – n. – A waterpipe that resembles but is not a true Zong. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
Fazule lands on the shelves of the dispensary, after harvesting, curing and jaring.
fed – n. nark or rat
federal – n. Something of exceptional quality.
federal – v. Rising up in the game
feed bag – n. – Stash for weed.
fett – n. – Really baked out of your tree.
finger (finger lid) – n. – A finger is used to measure a bag of weed. “I’d like a 4 finger bag please”.
fire it up man – v. – Spark up a joint.
five dollar bag (five cent bag) – n. – 5 dollars worth of marijuana.
Female Marijuana means the lady marijuana plant that accepts the pollen of a particular male worthy of mating.
Fiend exemplifies Someone who smokes marijuana alone
Fifteen cents counts as $15 worth of drugs Fine stuff – good quality marijuana.
Finger labels a marijuana cigarette.
Fire it up acts to smoke marijuana.
Five cent bag measures $5 worth of drugs.
Five C note counts up a $500 bill.
Five dollar bag means $50 worth of drugs.
Fix defines to use a drug Flower tops – the marijuana buds only.
Flowering exemplifies the act of producing marijuana buds.
Fly Mexican airlines outlines to smoke marijuana.
Flying means under the influence of drugs.
fluthing – v. (long u) – To sneeze or cough into a joint, bowl, bong, etc. causing it to scatter the weed on the floor. (Crispy 24-April-07)
Following that cloud or searching for drugs.
Foliage depicts the green plants everywhere.
Fresh/Phat is a Hip-hop term for good, great, grand, dope, fine; having an ample stash or supply of dope.
fried – adj. – Beyond baked, couldnt get more screwed up i.e. toasted x’s 10. (KR 31-May-05)
Frios means marijuana laced with PCP.
Frosted defines as totally wasted on cannabis.
Fry expresses marijuana laced with embalming fluid.
Fry daddy is marijuana laced with other dope.
Fu is an unkind marijuana term.
F’d up is slang for your high on drugs and not a thing you can do about it.
Fuel depicts marijuana mixed with other drugs.
fullstock – n. – A long skinny stiff blunt. (SkiWrestler 18-Aug-05)
Fuma D’Angola is a marijuana Portuguese term.
Funk depicts slang for marijuana.
Funny Stuff is more slang for marijuana.
furilla – adj. For real.
fuzzies – n. – Hairy weed. (Crispy 24-April-07)
Future defines good crystal marijuana.