G Words

G words and phrases. Check out the coolest G words. Our new addition to the G marijuana words listings is grinder kief. Grinder kief is the THC crystal collected in the bottom of a crystal catcher marijuana grinder. The grinders are in parts with a collection area.

G is for green-o-matic a very potent type of ganja sampled in the medical dispensaries in California.
G counts as $1000 or 1 gram of drugs; term for an unfamiliar male.
G – n. The drug Glass (WS-PHX-AZ 03/25/03)
g – n. – One thousand dollars OR one gram of pot.
g – n. – A gram of pot. (Bud 28-Mar-05)
g’d pp – adj. Dressed to kill, like a balla.
G.D.H – n. Gold Diggin Hoe
G-Funk – n. Gangsta funk
g-money – adj. Wife, Girlfriend, Girl that a guys interested in.
gab – v. – To talk forever nonstop. (420 J-Man 07-Apr-05)
gaff – n. – A place, your crib or work area. (Bud 28-Mar-05)
gaffer – n. – The boss. (Bud 28-Mar-05)
gaffle – v. To harass.
gaffle – v. – To steal. (Babygurl_my420 04/22/2004)
gaga it up – v. – Smoke pot.
gage – n. – An old 1940’s slang for cannabis. (420 J-Smoker 07/11/2004)
game – n. Wooing. “Cause I’m gamin’ on a female that’s gamin’ on me”
gander – v. – To take a boo at something, a look see. (DanD 04-May-05)
gang – n. Group of organised criminals.
gangster or gangsta – n. – A term was coined in the 70’s and means very potent weed. (LakeKeeper 28-Dec-06)
ganje – n. – Slang for cannabis.
gangbang – v. to commit a crime in a group
gangbang – n. To make out in groups
gangsta – n. A gangster or criminal
gangsta lean – adj. The way a person drives where they lean over to the passenger seat and get really low
ganja – n. – A term used to describe cannabis in Jamaica
gank – v. to hurt
gank – n. – Weed. (JMDsCrazy 10-Mar-05)
gank – v. steal from
gank – v. Diss in some way
Gar means Marijuana rolled in cigar paper.
Gage/gauge refers to marijuana.
Gange is a term for marijuana.
Gangster depicts marijuana slang term.
Ganja stands for good marijuana from Jamaica.
Ganjah came abut from Bob Marley as a marijuana term.
Garbage describes Inferior-quality drugs.
Garr is a large joint of marijuana.
Gash is slang for a good marijuana type.
Gasper stand for a marijuana cigarette.
Gasper stick also stands for a marijuana cigarette.
gatlin gun – n. – Is when you roll any number of joints (more than two) and roll outside of the entire bunch into one single joint and light it up. 5 is a good place to start. (Andrew 15-Aug-05)
gats – n. – Guns & pistols. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
gatt – n. Refers to any gun
gauge – n. A shot gun
gauge – n. Hot bitch
Gauge butt means a Marijuana end or roach.
Get On represents to smoke some marijuana.
Geek is slang for and marijuana.
geek – n. – Combinations of different types of marijuana.
geekin – v. – Hangin out the sunroof goin dumb actin fool feelin tha effect of drugs for real “that fool is straight geekin”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Genetics describes marijuana genetics concerning the parental combination of a marijuana strain. Marijuana Genetics
Genotype details the genetic condition of an organism.
Get a gage up happens when you smoke marijuana.
Get a gift calls for the chance to obtain drugs.
Get high or to smoke cannabis.
Get lifted describes when you are under the influence of drugs.
Get off or Get “high”.
Get the wind expresses to smoke ganja.
Get through to Obtain drugs.
Ghana is another word for marijuana.
ghetto bird – n. Police helicopter.
ghetto booty – n. Big Butt (WS-PHX-AZ 03/25/03)
ghetto sled – n. Car.
ghost – v. Out of here.
ghost – v. – Inhale and hold the smoke in so theres no smoke when u exhale. (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
gibler – n. – Known as a gram of pot. (The Cook 21-Nov-06)
gib-town – n. – Gibston Fl. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
gift of gab – v. able to talk anyone into anything.
Giggle smoke describes the effects of marijuana.
Giggle Weed spells out slang for marijuana.
Gimmie dubs crack and marijuana.
gimp – n. – Low IQ, not very smart. (Pure Trip 05/28/2004)
girl friday – n. – The chics that get u ur supplies…and deliver the goods 2 ur door…just handy chics 2 have around Ive been told..[G-Spot & T-Lay 07-April-06]
girly man – n. A guy who doesn’t stand up for himself
glasses – n. – A glass pipe for smoking dope.
glassware – n. – Smoking utensils made from glass, these delicate pieces are often in the form of bongs, bowls, bubblers, chillums, steamrollers, etc….. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
glide – v. – Walk around really high. (420mamma 05/12/2004)
GC – n. – Glove compartment. (TheHerbalRemedy 25-July-07)
glow – adj. – To have a buzz going. I got a good glow from that. I’m glowing. (Andrew 17-Aug-05)
gluestick – n. – A joint rolled with hash oil.
GMTA – v. – Great minds think alike. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
going for a bag of chips – v. – I was with my Mom, aunt, bros and cousin at a family reunion and I rolled a few joints and wanted to invite everyone out to get stoned but my Dad, who is a clean living type of guy and doesn’t smoke, was there and I wanted to keep it hush from him. So, thinking he wouldn’t eat chips (what we call french fries back in Ireland) I asked everyone I was “going for a bag of chips” and asked them to come along. The one time my Dad decides to eat chips would have to be this night! So we all pile into the back of a small pizza delivery van with my dad drivin. He goes in for the chips and we hot box the van. By the time he gets back out the car is full of smoke and stoned cramped up individuals in the horrors of laughter! So now, whenever I’m goin for a joint I tell my Mom “I’m goin for a bag of chips” if she wants some. (Chillian 18-July-05)
Go Loco gets you high on marijuana.
Gold describes a type of marijuana from Colombia.
Golden leaf means very high quality marijuana.
Gong refers to weed.
Good butt describes a quality marijuana cigarette.
Good Stuff depicts the high potency marijuana.
goofballing – v. – Smoking hashish in combination with inhaling nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The high from the nitrous doesn’t last long and begins to wear off just as the full effect of the hash sets in, providing a very pleasant high. (T.Big 08-May-06)
Gold star labels good marijuana stamp of approval.
Golden leaf means a very high quality marijuana.
Gong ringer always means a fat joint.
Goo is a form of marijuana extracts.
Good giggles is what happens with great marijuana.
Good go means the proper amount of drugs for the money paid.
Good lick describes the quality of the stuff you just bought, if you like it.
Goof butt another term for a marijuana cigarette.
Gopher names the person paid to pickup drugs.
gorilla tampon – n. – An abnormally large joint rolled with a crutch at the end. (SWKinc 12/13/2004)
Got it going on acts fast on a sale of drugs.
Graduate outlines a complete stop using drugs or progress to stronger drugs.
Gram is measurement of marijuana or hashish.
Grandma depicts the old lady who keeps you in line.
Grandpa can be the old pipe used for smoking marijuana.
Grass another slang term for marijuana.
Grass brownies are marijuana food.
Grease paints currency used in business transactions.
Grefa slang label for marijuana.
Grifa is slang for marijuana.
Grass pictures for marijuana hemp.
Green color is Inferior-quality pot.
Green cigarette originates from Jamaica standing for a joint of marijuana.
Green goddess elucidates the female of marijuana.
Greens/green stuff refers to paper currency.
Gringo exemplifies marijuana skunk, a type of marijuana. (Cheers to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 5, 2004).
Grogged means really stoned or burnt out on marijuana
Gunked Up transmits as really high. (Phatties go to Pool Boy Feb 18, 2004).
Gunga stands as slang for marijuana.
Gunney depicts slang for marijuana.
Gunny Sack are sacks made from hemp fiber.
Gungun is marijuana slang for how baked you are.
Gunther is your neighborhood pot dealer.
Gurge defines the water at the bottom of a bong. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004).
Gyve refers to a marijuana cigarette.