I Words

I words brought to you by the 420 crowds. Worldwide acceptance for people in the know. The new addition to the I words listings is imaginarium. After taking that hit of extract shown in the above photo my min went into an aquarium of imagination.

I is for Incrediberry the type of marijuana that really does taste like fruity berries.
ice catcher – n – A geometric form present in the tube of a bong to hold ice cubes above the waterline. (NJGreenBudd 01-Mar-05)
Ice cream habit describes occasional use of drugs.
the illegalz – n. – Slang term for marajuana or possible general usage for all drugs. “Yo, you got the illegalz?” (pollypocket4eVa 03-April-06)
in Foe Deep – adj. A term used to refer to a car that contains four people at once
in Foe Deep – adj. In a lot of trouble
in the house – Present, or here.
in the zone – n. – It can refer to ‘Being Irie’, as in being stoned. It can mean ‘Being In The (Neighbour)Hood’, as in – in the area. I used to live in a little town called Ladysmith near Nanaimo years ago, as well as Galiano Island many years ago. (Rutabuddha 10-Jan-07)
In means connected with drug suppliers.
Inbred or breeding strains from parent plants of the same genetic ancestry.
In Crowd refers to hipsters who throw secret parties for vipers only.
Indiana Ditchweed or a low-potency wild marijuana, grows wild from seeds originally bred for hemp rope.
Indiana Hay is a term for marijuana.
Indica is the type of marijuana used to describe a certain set of phenotypes native to indica. It’s cousin is sativa.
Indo means Marijuana, term from Northern CA.
ivory – n. – Some of the best weed u had ever done. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
I want some chocolate – v. You want to get enough weed to knock you out, or keep you on the couch for a few hours. (azr9 09-July-07)
izm – n. – Cannabis