J Words

J words comprised from the world of joyous weed. Our new addition to the J words listings is jointcup. Pretty obvious the photograph above is in reference to the jug or cup. Only cup winning joints make it to the jointcup. May your jointcup spill over.

Jack Willie – n. – Weed that looks and smells good, but you never get high. This term comes straight out of Asheville, NC when some friends brought us some killer….they raved and raved about this bud. When we got it, we were stoked!!!! It smelled delicious and looked prefect! However, when it was smoked…nothing happened. Now this wasn’t just me, this particular bag was tried on numerous people, nothing happened to them either…so we called it Jack Willie, looked and smelled good, but it sure didn’t smoke good. (MindyJ 21-April-07)
Jag can keep a high going or you are partying.
Jamaican Shower refers to turning on the bathroom shower on hot until the room fills with steam, then smoking marijuana in the room. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004).
Janet – n. – Eh another term for marijuana ex – Galvan – “We hangin out with Janet tonite?” Jessica – “Hell yes!”. (CCJiggashword 31-Mar-05)
Jason – n. – At BHS we use the word Jason to mean joint or just weed without the teachers knowledge. ex. “You talk to Jason today?, I’ve been looking for him for about 20 min.” (or however long, time refers to how much you want.) (Chris -1-June-06)
Jay smoke describes a marijuana smoke.
Jay references a marijuana cigarette.
Jefferson Airplane comes from circa in the 1940’s and 50’s. A term for a roach-holder fashioned from a matchbook cover.
JIB means this is what we call our joints in St. John’s NL.
Jive comes from 1930’s and 40’s slang for marijuana and marijuana influenced popular music.
Jive stick defines a marijuana joint stick.
Joint is the most famous term for rolled marijuana.
Johnson -depicts 1960’s term for a joint, or low grade grass.
Joint / Jay famous word meaning a marijuana cigarette.
Jolly green labels a marijuana descriptive term..
Jolly pop distinguishes the casual user of weed.
Jolt jumps to inject a drug; strong reaction to drugs.
Jonesing details a need for drugs.
Joy popping expresses your occasional use of drugs.
Joyride is everyone’s going out and getting high.
Joy smoke outlines smoke up some cannabis.
Joy stick another marijuana cigarette.
Ju-ju means a cannabis joint.
Juan Valdez is a marijuana slang name from a proper name.
Juanita states a short name for marijuana.
Juggler imparts a teen-aged street dealer juggles weed.
Juice joint means a marijuana cigarette sprinkled with other dope.
Jussayin love my meds growing recreational.