K Words

K words permeating the 420 air. Our next addition to the K 420 words listings is kookie. Means you go nuts after eating kush cookies. You get a little kookie.

kabish kapish – v. – Do you understand, kapish?. (Bud 28-Mar-05)
kachinga – n. – Means a very fine lady you want to do. (DanTman 01/04/2005)
kajee – n. – Drug slang for cannabis.
Kali describes California cannabis strains.
Kate bush is the kind bud.
Keesh means a fat bag of dope.
keef – n. The crystals off the buds of the marijuana plant.
kev – n. – A person whose threads are all sporty, like Reebok shirts, Nike shoes, etc. (420 Auntie 22-Mar-05)
kermit – n. – Slang term for marajuana after Kermit T. Frog. (pollypocket4eVa 03-April-06)
kewel – adj. – Cool. (Ph A. 05/17/2004)
kewpie – n. – 1/4oz. of marijuana (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
key – n. – An amount of marijuana equal to a kilogram or 2.2 pounds.
Keyed chronicles you’re high on drugs.
KGB (killer green bud) is a term of cannabis slang.
Kicked illustrates to pass out or about to pass out.
Kick stick labels a marijuana cigarette.
Kiff stick names a weed cigarette.
Kief/Kif/Kaff/Khayf is the golden pollen hash from Morocco, Lebanon and other Arab/Middle Eastern nations. It is said that “A puff of kif in the morning makes a man as strong as 1,000camels in the courtyard.”
kick stick – n. – A joint of cannabis.
kicks – n. – Shoes. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
Killed outlines extremely high on marijuana. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004).
Killer describes marijuana slang term referring to potency.
Killer Bees -characterizes a term to describe really potent kind bud (March 8, 2004 yo +++).
Killer weed [1980’s] means marijuana that is very good to smoke.
Killer weed (1960s) describes an old time marijuana adjective.
Kilo measures 2.2 pounds of pot.
Kilter defines a marijuana term for the effect after consuming.
Kind describes good marijuana plants.
Kind bud is a marijuana term for good pot.
knife hits – n. – Heating up two knives til theyre red hot then smashing a little hash between them and sucking up the smoke with a straw. (SGarcia 21-Apr-05)
knit a sweater – v. – To smoke some weed (South Florida slang) weed referred to as “green wool”. (Godfather 09-Oct-06)
knock – adv. Punch “ Im gonna knock this fool one”
knocka – n. A pest. (Alex P. 05/05/2004)
knock the spots off – v. – To outperform, mainly used by our circle when smoking the ganja. (TheD 11-Aug-05)
Knuckle Samich labels the phat joint we love to puff.
Kouchie is enjoyed when you listen to music, the Mighty Diamonds, pass the kouchie.
Kram represents to pack the bowl tighter than usual.
Krippies is the moist marijuana only to be smoked out of a bowl or bong.
Kumba is a marijuana adjective.
Kushempeng describes cannabis slang.
Kutchie means a funny marijuana descriptive word.
Kynde is a famous descriptive word for weed.