L Words

L is for the lid of pot you just bought, usually just under an ounce of weed, unless it’s from a very close friend where it’ll be just over an ounce. Submissions taken from the people who are 420 literate. The newest addition to the L words listings is L4D. Means lined for drying.

L – n. – You took a L, you took a loss. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
L – n. – Pot rolled in cigar wrap. NYC (BoilerDude420 04-Jan-06)
L8R – v. – Later. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
lab – n. – A place where designer drugs are made (LSD, Meth, Ecstasy, Amphetamines, etc.) (ThePendragon 01/24/2005)
lac – n. – Short for Cadillac (Barbwired 01/03/2004)
the ladder – n. – The ladder is a term used by my friends and I to see how high each of us are. Each level on the ladder has it’s own defining characteristics. Some peoples ladders have more levels of high than ours but we find it easier to use four different levels of high than the six or eight that some people use. Use the info below to determine how high on the ladder you and your friends are. Add your own variations and use it when you smoke. (Salgo6t9 20-June-05)
Lace describes other dope and marijuana mixed together.
Lakbay Diva is slang term for marijuana.
Laughing grass characterizes a term for marijuana.
Laughing weed describes marijuana and it’s effects.
lamp – v. to hang out next to a street lamp.
Land of Dope – n. Oakland.
lay pipe – adv. Having intercourse.
Lay-out communicates your equipment for taking drugs.
Leaf is part of the marijuana plant.
Leaping depicts under the influence of drugs.
Lemonade defines poor quality drugs.
Lid labels Def#1 original 60’s version- 1 finger on a bag of marijuana approx. equal to a 1/4 oz. the term comes from the 1960’s and is used correctly in Cheech & Chong’s movie: Things are Tough All Over.
Lid – Def#2 90’s version -1 ounce of marijuana.
Lid – Def#3 submitted version – It is the amount of marijuana that fits into the lid of a mason jar.
lifted – v. – High. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
lifted – adj. – A genuine good feeling. Glossy eyes. (Salgo6t9 20-June-05)
light green – v. – A grade of marijuana. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Light Up represents to spark a marijuana joint to smoke.
lightweight – n. – A person who is baked off small amounts of weed. (Ste White 02/07/2005)
Limbo exemplifies a term for marijuana.
Little smoke is marijuana; psilocybin/psilocin.
Light stuff defines poor quality marijuana.
Lima describes a term for cannabis.
Lipton Tea tells you inferior-quality drugs.
Lit up assigns you as under the influence of drugs.
Little bowl of Buddha translates to a 10 gram bowl of marijuana buds or hash.
Little Green Friends are your marijuana buds.
Little smoke means marijuana; psilocybin/psilocin.
Llesca illustrates marijuana slang.
Loaded means your mind is high.
Loaf outlines a descriptive marijuana word.
Locoweed describes marijuana.
Loco is an adjective or noun to describe marijuana.
Log describes a marijuana cigarette big fatty.
Louds is a reference to high quality dank marijuana. (24/7420 at 30/08/2012)
Love boat describes a marijuana dipped in other drugs.
Love nuggets are another cool marijuana term.
Lovelies portray marijuana laced with more drugs.
Lucas sketches a term for marijuana.
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – n. – Stealth word meaning LSD. Notice the capitalized letters. (ThePendragon 01/24/2005)
lumber – n. – Stems and unmanicured marijuana. ie – He can’t be weighin’ this right, look at all this lumber. (Scootdog420 01/24/2005)
lunch – v. to act stupid or crazy
lunch box – n. – A person who is out of his mind on drugs.
lush – adj. Drunk
lush – adj. Dirty, nasty fool.
lye – n. – Weed smoke. (ChrisU 19-May-05)