M Words

M is for medical marijuana, nature’s wholesome medicine. Marijuana is legal and becoming legal in many countries. You can obtain medical marijuana at legal cannabis dispensaries in Canada, USA, Europe, South America and Central America. M words brought to you from the 420 minds.
Today’s addition to the M words listings is M2D. Means make my day. This freshly pressed rosin will M2D.

M.J. describes a very common marijuana slang.
M.O. means a marijuana phrase term.
M.U. depicts marijuana phrase terms.
mac dre – n. – King of the bay he kept it crackin out here in nor cal rip mac dre. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Machinery characterizes a cannabis slang word.
Macon names a cool marijuana place.
mad aleck – n. – Someone who is mad as a way of communicating normally. (TheD 11-Aug-05)
mad cheddar – n. – Mega amounts of money. (420D 12-June-06)
mad hoot shot – n. Is when you take a huge hoot of pot smoke followed by a whiskey shot, then exhaling the hoot after the shot. (CCAI 10-March -06)
mad twurps – v. – Having the ability to roll anything with major skill “that fool has mad twurps”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
madd dogg – v. – To stare some one down with a mean face. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
madussa – n. – Nickname for a 4 hitter hookah pipe. (Spoonhour 02/24/2005)
Magic smoke labels a marijuana physical and spiritual description.
Make up expresses the need to find more drugs.
manicure – v. – To trim the top leaves and flowering tops of the hemp plant. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
mangled – v. – High. (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
mango blunt – n. – Blunt you smoke right before you roll. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
Mari sketches the marijuana cigarette short form.
Marial means regs. Use it to talk whenever someone outside the circle is around. Works great when chatting at work with buddies.
Marihuana is a word used for cannabis.
Marimba states various types of marijuana.
Marijuana – A really cool plant. Dried marijuana is smoked and the result is a brain buzz. The smokeable flowers and leaves of the female cannabis plant..
Marijuana Genetics is the concern of the adult combination of a marijuana strain.
Mary delineates long time marijuana adjective.
Mary and Johnny combine more ganja slang.
Mary Ann is a weed term everyone knows.
Mary Jane / Maryjane perhaps the most famous marijuana descriptive term for cannabis.
Mary Jonas names a weed term used sparingly.
Mary Warner more marijuana slang to pick up.
Mary Weaver describes more ganja slang.
Matchbox refers to a 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes.
mate – n. Buddy
max – adv. to have great fun.
max – v. – Relax. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
maza – n. – The dude with all the pot.
mean green – n. – A type of good marijuana.
Medical Marijuana – The legal marijuana obtained at dispensaries around the world. Marijuana is becoming legalized for economic reasons.
Medicated is a word used to describe the feeling after smoking marijuana (specifically medical marijuana).
Meg depicts a weed term.
Megg names a marijuana cigarette.
Meggie represents cannabis slang word.
melange aka Mexican Seafood – n. – A mix of hash and weed rolled in a blunt or paper. Pretty popular in the Netherlands, me and my friends like to call it ‘Mexican Seafood’ because you get sick after smoking your first ever melange. (Firefly 30-Mar-05)
Messorole relates as ganja slang.
Method portrays a weed term.
Mgobi – Pronunciation: Ma-Go-Bee Definition: A Big and Well Rolled Joint Example: Wow! that joint is a Mgobi! Origin: Cape Town, South Africa. It’s what all the dudes in the squatter camps say when they see a huge joint rolled by me or my friends (they usually roll little crappy ones). Thanks to Atga, March 30, 2004.
microphone. – n. – Decribes what the pipe, bong, etc. becomes when a person tells a story or just talks for an extended period of time when it is their turn in the rotation. (cheeks 4/20/06)
Midnight toker is some who smokes marijuana before bed.
Mighty Mezz means a pure marijuana cigarette.
MILF Weed is the fictional name for the weed created on the show Weeds.
Minglewood describes hash & kind bud filled blunt.
Modams impart Marijuana slang word.
Mohasky is slang for marijuana.
Monty Hall is a person always trying to talk down the price or get a deal on drugs. Always a few dollars short.
Mooca/moocah means marijuana slang word in the rasta phase.
Mooster describes cannabis on the street.
Moota/mutah names a word describing pot in another language.
Mooters outlines a marijuana cigarette ready to smoke.
Mootie means fine word describing cannabis.
Mootos specifies pslural word describing weed.
Mor a grifa details underground cannabis.
Mota/moto kinda Latin word describing ganja.
Mother Plant illustrates the female marijuana species.
Mow the grass means to smoke marijuana.
Mowing the Lawn describes one who is smoking marijuana does this mentally.
Muerte are people who are overdosing use this word.
Muggie is a word describing cannabis smoking sessions.
Muggles depicts 1930’s and 40’s slang for pot.
mule – n. – A person who moves drugs for a payment of money. (ThePendragon 01/24/2005)
mummified – adj. – What happens to pot after you cut it and roll it into a joint. (420 Solvaunt 07/07/2004)
Munchies are to get real hungry after smoking herb.
Mutha names a word describing marijuana.