N Words

N 420 words coming from the 420 neck of the woods. Our addition to the N 420 words listings is noob. Refers to a person who is doing or trying something for the very first time. Like a noob making shatter as pictured.

n00b – n. – Newbie. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
Nail depicts a type of marijuana cigarette.
Nailed someone who’s been arrested for drugs.
nappy Dugout – n. Woman’s privates.
narc – n. – 1)a person who cooperates with law enforcement officers, 2)someone who tries to gain trust and then betray trust in order to expose drug activity or other illicit activities, 3)The most horrible insult to any proud stoner. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
narc – n. – Somebody that is afraid of drugs and will critisize you for tryin them. (ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
narcolepsy – n. – The state of fatigue resulting from spending too much time with narcs. (pollypocket4eVa 03-April-06)
narcotics – The things that make life a little better than it is. (Riley Norton II 08/04/2004)
nathan – pron. Nobody
nathin – v. Nothing
nature hike – n. – Going into the woods and looking for weed plantations.
neb – v. – To rip off, steal, rob you of your stash or money. ie – Man, I new he was a neb. (Niteflash8 01/24/2005)
necking – v. – Swallowing dope to avoid getting caught.
newjack – n. When referring to an individual, implies that he hasn’t proven himself.
Nick measures 0.5 grams of marijuana or 1/2 gram.
Nickel measures 0.5 grams of marijuana or 1/2 gram.
Nickel bag counts $5 worth of drugs; heroin.
Nickel note means a $5 bill.
Nimbin – n. – High times magazine rated Australia the third best place on the globe to buy buds! Right behind Amsterdam and Jamaica! (Appollo 18-Nov-05)
nina – n. A girl of 5 years or less.
ninja – n. – Weed that hits you when you least expect it. You feel fine at first, not even that high. Then suddenly, WHACK!!! You’re is so high you swear you just got drop kicked. Used in a sentence – 1. Damn, boy! That shit was the NINJA! I’m baked right now! Yeah! 2. Pass the NINJA so we can all chief. 3. That stuff crept up on me like the NINJA! Remember – A good ninja will strike at first chance. A truly great ninja will wait until his prey is most vulnerable. (Clawsout 12-Jan-07)
nino – n. Godfather
Nite-n-Gail – n. – Ur very own angel- this is the chic who takes care of your stoner moments & munchie desires when you cant drive cause your buzzzzed [T-Lay 07-Nov-06]
Nitrogen describes a primary nutrient used for growing marijuana.
nitrous oxide – n. – A naturally occuring gas which when inhaled produces a anesthiatic euphoria. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Nix illustrates a stranger among the group.
no diggety – v. No doubt, or no question
Node expresses the jointed section on a marijuana plant stalk where the leaves, side shoots, stipules and flowering organs begin.
Norml is the organization for the rights of pot smokers.
nosecone – n. – A large cone rolled doobie with a rosebud in the end.
nothin – adj. Nothing
nothing mud crab – v. – This is what you say when you have no drugs and no immediate prospects for getting drugs. (Appollo 18-Nov-05)
no talk big bark – n. – A little bit of weed that u expect not 2 get u high but does. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
nuck – n. Drunk
nucker – adj. A stupid person
nug – n. – A small bud of marijuana.
nuglette – n. – The last little nug you save at the end of a sack, cuz you know you’re gonna need it the next day when your dealer won’t answer his phone. (David 06-Nov-06)
nugs (nugz) – . Many small buds of pot.
Number refers to a marijuana cigarette.
number – n. – A beautiful girl.
number – n. – For joint. i.e. get a number going, roll up a number, hey wanna do a number? (Andrew 15-Aug-05)
numpty – n. a nice way of calling someone an idiot. (Danni)
nunya – v. – None of your business. (LakeKeeper 28-Dec-06)
Nutrients are the primary, secondary and trace elements that are required for plant growth.
nut – n. – A small nugget. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
nut face – adj. Nasty person.
nutt – n. Good love.
nuttin – v. nothing.