Number Words

Numbered references permeate marijuana language. # words can communicate quickly. Today’s slang utilizes numbered graffiti. Perhaps the most famous # word is 420. There are numerous definitions. Submit your meanings for inclusion in the next edition.

# is for the numbered hybrid generations known as Northern Lights #5 and Haze#2.
10 and 2 represents the hand position on your chick’s booty. (Peace and love to Little Earthquake Sept./05/2012)
24/7/420 reflects the number that covers 420 all day everyday.
2 toke choke always when a joint is passed around several people while holding the smoke in, someone will choke. (A big phatty to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 3, 2004)
420 our all out marijuana term representing a complete culture dedicated a phat time.
420 / Four Twenty / Fourtwenty becomes the best time to smoke pot. (4:20a.m.)
3750 calls out as a marijuana laced joint.