O Words

O 420 words and phrases from the 420 Orifice. The dictionary’s new addition to the O words listings is “off the heezie fo sheezie”. Stands for looking or being cool.

O relates to an ounce of pot.
O.D. – v. – an overdose of narcotics. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
O.G. – n. Original Gangster (WS-PHX-AZ 03/25/03)
O-Town – n. Orlando.
O.E. – n. Old English.
O.G. – n. Original gangsta.
O.J. – n. Reference to a big car.
O.P.P. – n. other peoples privates
O boy specifies a term for marijuana.
off the map – adj. – Something that is notknown by many people. (ThePendragon 01/24/2005)
Oh-zee please, say this when you want an ounce of pot.
OIC – v. – Oh, I see. (Ele 18-Apr-05).
Oil is a purified and concentrated resin from hashish or marijuana.
O.J. another expression for a bag of marijuana.
okies – conj. okay.
okey doke – n. – A con. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
old head – n. – Old people who still smoke. I was 36 when I was called an old head for the first time. (Jeff 1-Dec-08)
old lady(s) – n. – Synonym for gram(s). “I just weighed out three old ladys”. <Salgo6T9 12-July-05>
old Tobey – n. – Really good kynd bud, taken from the good pipeweed that Hobbits smoke in The Lord Of The Rings. (Darrin 26-Jan-07)
on a trip – v. – Stoned on drugs and focused on something intensely.
On ice means you are put in jail.
on it – v. – You’re all over paying for your bag of weed, “That nickel bag, I’m on it” (D.t.M. 24-Jan-06).
on swo – v. Increasing in size.
on the bricks – n. – Walking the streets.
on the nod – v. – Under the influence of dope and about to pass out.
On the nod indicates under the influence of dope.
one hit wonder – n. – Dope that takes one hoot to get you stoned.
One hitter quitter labels marijuana that takes one hit to obtain a high.
one love – n. farewell bidding like “peace”
one-time – n. Refered to as one-time as you have one time or one chance to get out of the situation alive.
onion – n. – An ounce of marijuana. (Skiwrestler 09-March-07)
optasized – v. – Dealing with the opposing side, traitor. (Hydrodutch420 28-Mar-05)
Oregano names a term to describe hash.
Organic outlines marijuana plant fertilizer or growing medium derived from living organisms.
oreo – n. – An ounce of bud. (CASTRO760NL 28-Sept-07)
ounce (ounce bag) – n. – 28 grams of weed.
oscar – n. – An ounce of cannabis. (Art Mann Fan Dan 28-Aug-08)
osky – n. – An ounce of marijuana.
OTB – v. – Off to bed. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
Otay – conj. okay.
Other Level – adj. A higher degree of consciousness satisfaction; beyond the average.
Outcast – n. loner.
Outcast – adj. living in the boonies.
Outta – v. out of “I’m outta here”.
Owl a word to describe marijuana.
Ounce is a unit of measurement for weighing marijuana. 28.3 grams.
Out Cold refers to being dope, spectacular, “My new Kush weed is out cold.”
Ovule distinguishes part of the marijuana flower.
OZ stands for an ounce of marijuana or other drugs.
Ozzie / Ozzy measures an ounce of marijuana.