P Words

P 420 words plus phrases created from the 420 presence. Welcome to our newest P 420 words addition namely a Psychedelicatessen. This is a business where you purchase marijuana edibles. Leans more towards the gourmet side of of munchies. Expect baked goods.

P1 refers to the original parental genetics used to develop F1 hybrids.
P5 measures half a gram of marijuana slang term.
P – adj. Partner or friend
P-Town – n. Paterson
P.E. – n. Public enemy
P.O.D. – n. Passed over dose; a deceased person due to an drug over-dose.
P.O.V – n. Pass out victim. (420Smoker 05/05/2004)
pack a bowl – v. – To place pot into a pipe or bong.
pack of rocks – n. – A pack of cannabis cigarettes.
pac man – n. – A stoner who alwayz forgets to pass the “L”. you pac men know who you are…they just be eating the blunt. (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
Pack describes to roll a marijuana cigarette.
Pack of rocks refers to a pack of marijuana cigarettes.
pad – n. House, home, place where you live.
pads – n. Tampons
paddle – n. Gun
Pakalolo depicts a term for marijuana.
Panic what you do when drugs are not available so you panic.
Pantella means a large marijuana cigarette.
Paps a short word for rolling papers.
Paper bag describes a container for drugs.
Paper blunts are marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing.
Paper plane tells of a marijuana cigarette. (J. Thompson).
Parabolic Reflector refers to a metal device that is designed to redirect the light from a lamp in a specific direction.
parachute – n. – A plastic bottle that has the bottom cut out. There is a plastic bag that is taped over the cut out hole on the bottom and a string tied to bottom of the bag. The cap must either be made into a bowl or have a bowl put in. Place the string under your foot, light the bowl and pull up with the ‘parachute.’ It cooks extremely harsh yet high stoning hits! (Korn 05-March-07)
parlaying – adv. – Partying.
Paraquat is a defoliant, toxic to humans as well as plants, that has been sprayed on marijuana throughout the world since the 1970’s.
Parsley defines slang to describe marijuana.
partake – v. – When you are ready to catch a buzz you say “lets partake”..if u r catchin a buzz u say were “partaken” stop by. [T-Lay 24-April-06)]
partna – n. Partner in anything “ What up Partna”
party house – n. – Where the party is at every weekend. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
partymonster – n. – Smoking so much weed that you dance while standing up. Example – when a person is experiencing a party monster they will continue to excessively shake legs & hips. (SkiWrestler 18-Aug-05)
party peno – n. – Party sized joint. (Jesse 19-May-05)
partay – n. Party
pasties – n. – Dryness of the mouth after smoking buds.
Pat imparts a marijuana term used in small circles.
paved – v. – What we like to say when the bowl is finished is “paved” instead of it being “done” or “cashed”…. its paved. (Kenna J. 27-Apr-05)
peace – n. Farwell bidding
peace pot micro-dot – n. – The next time ur doin a shot of ur favorite booze…. drink 2 this instead of….old boring ass cheers. [T-LAY 07-April-06]
peachy – adj. ducky
Peat used as partially decomposed vegetation used as an organic soil.
Peddlar someone who is a drug supplier who will push his stuff on you.
peeling caps – adv. Shooting someone
peep – v. Check this out
peeps – n. People
pelletes – n. If you want bud, you ask for pelletes. (420 Blueberry 07/02/2004)
pellet gun – n. – Phrase used to ask if you have a bowl. (420 Blueberry 07/02/2004)
pen – n. Jail
pep – adv. to beat someone up
pep – n. Build someone’s confidence
percy, percie – n. – Your own small stash of drugs for your own personal use, not to be shared with others.
Perlite is used by marijuana growers as crushed, expanded glass used to provide additional medium aeration.
permabaked – v. – Always high. (K. Schieck 17-Mar-06)
permafride – adj. – Constantly stoned. (Limmewinks 11/01/2004)
permatweeked – v. – Someone who has tweeked for so long that even when not buzzing they act as if they we. (Kimmie 25-Feb-06)
phat – adj. sweet, cool
phat – n. Physically attractive
phat pocket – n. a person who has a lot of money
P.H.A.T – n. Pretty Hot And Tempting
phat – n. – Pretty Hot and Thick girls. (Art Mann Fan Dan 28-Sep-03)
Phillie – n. – Brand of blunt. (Chey Russ 05/12/2004)
Phillies Blunt refers to a cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana.
Photosynthesis everyone knows as the process where the marijuana plant leaves suck up sunlight and CO2 to produce plant energy and chemicals.
phsyc – v. Head trips
Picked up means smoked marijuana.
Pid refers to possession with intent to distribute.
pie – n. Lady’s private area
pie-hole cake-hole – n. – The mouth. (420 Auntie 22-Mar-05)
piece – n. Love “I’m gonna get me a piece”
Piece measures 1 ounce of weed.
pig – n. Copper.
pigs – n. – Police. (ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
pimp – n. Boss of the ladies
pimp – n. To be a ladies’ man
Pin characterizes a small marijuana stick.
Pine is a word for cheap marijuana.
Pinner describes a small joint of marijuana.
Pipe depicts a marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances.
Pistil details a pair of stigma protruding from the female calyx that capture pollen for the marijuana plant.
pitbull – adj. Ugly person
pixie dust – n. – 5X, 10X, 25X & 50X Enhanced Salvia Divinorum leaves. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Piznacle is a marihuana pipe.
Pizza refers to marijuana or LSD.
Plant can mean a hiding place for drugs.
Planted as being so high you feel like the plant you just smoked. (Cheemo to Max Reck Aug/12/12)
plats – n. Dreadlocks
play – v. to go along with
play – v. To fool
play ground – n. Turf
played yourself – adj. showed weakness
played out – n. Old
player – n. someone who is “true to his game”
player – n. A kind of playboy
player – n. Someone who never sold out
player hater – n. One who despises or speaks ill of another because he does not have any game of his own
player hater – n. Person who get played.
playing cards – v. – The act of getting baked Ex – Bob – “what did you guys do last nite?” Steve – “we were playing cards”. (ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
pleeb – n. – Low IQ, no mind. (Pure 420 Trip 05/28/2004) (Pure Trip 05/28/2004)
plug – shut it. “plug it”
PO – adv. Peadv. ace out
Pocket rocket represents a marijuana joint.
Pod means marijuana.
Poets Photograph – n. – This is what me and my friends use to describe the visuals we experience on our mushroom nitrous combo. Usually when we are outside amongst the nature. (Appollo 18-Nov-05)
pogee – n. – What Canadians call employment insurance benefits. (Newfie J-Man 02/03/2005)
poison ivey – n. – When you’re puffin on the high test IVEY weed ..in a big glass bong…filled with Latvian vodka instead of h20…[T-Lay & G-Spot 23-Aug-06]
poke smot – v. – Smoke pot. (Charles130 26-Sept-05)
Poke stands for a funny word for marijuana.
politickin (a.k.a. boggarting) – v.- When somebody dosent pass the spliff and hoggs it to themselves.(ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
ponce – n. idiot.
pooched – v. – When a pipeload of weed is cashed. (K. Schieck 17-Mar-06)
pooner – n. – Fat spliff. (Charles130 26-Sept-05)
Po Po – n. Police
pop – v. to shoot someone “Im gonna pop your butt”
pop – v. Take “Pop some pill”
popcorn on top you chicken – v. – The point of becoming so high that you have the munchies so bad that you put your popcorn on top your chicken , your so high you try to eat everything as soon as possible at the same time. Note – never put too much food in microwave cause it will catch fire. Note – Potheads are not patient people. (SkiWrestler 17-Aug-05)
poppin – v. Doin’ it in a girl
poppin – v. Shooting.
pork choppers – n. – A police helicopter “the pork choppers are out”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
posse – n. A group of people you hang out with. This doesn’t necessarily mean a gang
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Pothead describes someone who smokes pot (marijuana) all the time.
pothead anthem – n. – Song listened to before smoking ….tradition. (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
potna – n. Term to address a person
pot sickness – v. – Smoking too much marijuana which results in some people having spells of uncontrollable dizziness, vomiting. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Potten bush calls up a marijuana term.
Pooched means feeling lazy and tired after smoking. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004).
power hitter – n. – A squeeze bottle with a hole in the lid..u put ur lit joint in the hole..cherry side in the bottle..squeeze and you get one hell of a “power hit” straight into yah lungs…ull cough ur ass off. [T-LAY 13-April-06]
power pack – v. – Taking extacy while smoke with you favorite lady…marijane. (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
Pregnant is when a joint has a lump in the middle.
Prescription refers to medical marijuana cigarettes.
Pretendica recounts numerous marijuana types.
Pretendo introduces more marijuana slang.
Primo of course the best marijuana around your place.
Priority describes the state of mind people need to find when entering the changing new world of marijuana.
prob – n. probably
professional – n. – A pro dutch roller….one who can fix any broken,dry,stale,riped in three peice dutchz… (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
props – v. proper respects, daps and such
pro status – n. – A pro at whatever you do. (Babygurl_420 04/21/2004)
psychoactive – adj. – The intrinsic ability of a chemical compound to bind to and activate receptors in the brain, having an affect of the behavior or cognition of an organism. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
puff daddy – n. – “I’ve” been told once you have a pot babe…and supply all her smoking needs you become her puff daddy. (T-Lay 06july06)
puff lye – v. To smoke a medicine herb
puff the dragon – v. – To smoke marijuana.
puffin the lovely – v. – Burning a reefer. (420Stephanie 4-Mar-05)
pump – v. To play music loud
pump – v. Love “ Pumpin that girl”.
pump shotgun – n. – 2 chambered bong. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
punani – n. Lady part.
punani – v. Make love not war.
punk – n. A stupid usually irritating person
punk – n. Skater, or a headbanger (Mostly considered dirty)
punk rock bitch – n. – A chick that will boss you up brings you cash she’s on your team gives it up for free a ho. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
purple – n. – Refers to weed that has a purple color to it; known to be very potent with a “couchlock” high due to it’s high cbd and cbn levels. The plant either became purple due to its genetics or it has been left to ripen a little past maturity. Cold weather sometimes induces cannabis plants to become purple as well. (RR 20-April-07)
purple pudding – A code word for opium. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
purple hazed – v. (purple hazing) To be baked or getting baked. CaptainE wins a cool pipe.
purple leaf – n. – A type of marijuana that grows purple colored leafs and hairs on the buds.
pusher – n. – A seller of drugs who aggressively seeks clients.
pussass – n. – Someone who is toking on a joint or bong for to long and needs to pass it. (WiIIardNjoseph 18-Apr-05)
pussass bacon strip – n. – You pronouse it like so…puss-aasssss. (WiIIardNjoseph 18-Apr-05)
puta/puto – n. Evening lady.
puta/puto – n. An ingrate bad head.