Q Words

Q 420 words and phrases leading to the 420 quotient. A new addition to the Q 420 words listings is QC simply meaning quality control. As seen in the above photograph we’re doing QC with a QP and a vaporizer.

Q.P. measures up a reference to a quarter pound of marijuana.
Quad means a drug depressant.
Quarter measures 1/4 ounce or $25 worth of drugs.
Quarter bag counts as $25 worth of drugs.
Quarter moon is a term to describe hashish.
Quarter o – n. quarter ounce of marijuana.
Quarter piece measures 1/4 ounce of ganja.
Quartz describes a smokeable speed.
Quas is a drug depressant term.
Queen Ann’s Lace stands for the good marijuana.
Queen Green – n. – This is the chic who has the endless supply and variety of tastey green buds….a true Queen never lets her kingdom go dry of 420 [T-LAY420 18-Aug-07]
Queeted is when you get WAY too high off half a bowl.
Quest – v. – Something to that u do to pass the time after smoking some weed. these quests can be any small to large task. (CM 15-Aug-05)
Quincy Jones – n. – Joint. (Jesse 19-May-05)
qp – n. – A quarter pound of marijuana.