R Words

R 420 words brought to you by a 420 rosin tech. One of the newest R 420 words is rosin. Rosin is a new way to make marijuana extracts. It is the pressing of a bud between parchment paper using heat. Most people squeeze out the THC with hair straighteners. The result is illustrated in the above photograph. We’ve got the honey bee glass rig heated up and waiting. Our page sponsor Brain Resin is a great place to see how to make honey oil, rosin, and ice hash.

R is for Rasta Weed sending the mind upwards when the music starts to play.
R.T.D. – n. Rough Tough and Dangerous
R.T.C.P – n. Rough Tough Cream Puff, Mocking someone who acts tough
R.B. refers to a resin bud (marijuana).
Racehorse charlie describes hard rugs like cocaine; heroin.
Ragweed means an inferior-quality marijuana.
Railroad weed is a descriptive word for weed.
Rail depicts a large dose of crystal meth.
Rainbows are a drug that’s a depressant.
Rainy day woman is a descriptive word for weed.
Rambo up and give me some weed.
ramrod – n. – The thing you use to push the weed in the end of the joint or blunt. (LizA 12/08/2004)
randys – n. – Papers that have a doobie wire built in. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Rane portrays a term used for hard drugs.
Rangood specifies marijuana grown wild.
Rap illustrates a kynde of language, 420 hip hop, street charged; to talk with someone.
Raspberry characterizes a female who trades sex for dope or money to buy crack.
Rasta weed is a descriptive word for weed.
Rat refers to someone that turns drug dealers in to the police.
Raw describes weed.
rauch – n. – Around my town we all call marijuana rauch its pronounced r-o-w-l-k rauch is german for smoke. ex. you want to rauch. you got any rauch. (Gatch 06-July-05)
Rave defines the party designed to enhance a hallucinogenic experience through music and behavior.
Razed or under the influence of drugs.
razorback – n. – A joint that is almost as tall as it is long. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
Ready rock depicts a descriptive word for weed.
real McCoy – n. The original, not a fake
really doe – adj. Really though
ream – adv. Bitch out someone.
reamp – v. – When you relight the joint if it looks like its going out or if it went out (as in “yo 420 gotta reamp that joint). (SDMF 27-June-07)
recipe – n. – A set of directions informing a person how to manufacture an illegal drug step by step. (ThePendragon 01/20/2005)
Recompress or change the shape of dope flakes to resemble “rock”.
Recycle or LSD.
Red is the color when you are under the influence of drugs.
Red and blue tells of good weed.
Red bullets expresses a depressant term.
Red caps refers to crack.
Red cross explicates a word for cannabis.
Red chicken images for weed.
Red devil is a drug depressant word.
PCP Red dirt refers to marijuana term for a type of marijuana that is low grade.
Red eye means when some one’s eyes go red from smoking. (Spark up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004).
Reds are the drug that is a depressant.
Red eagle describes ganja.
Red phosphorus expresses smokeable speed.
Reefer is a famous descriptive word for ganja or a joint.
reeferama – n. – Potsmoking party. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
Register or to allow blood to flow back into needle just prior to injecting heroin.
Regular P describes ganja.
Reindeer dust means a descriptive word for ganja.
resin – n. – Liqiudized weed. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
resin ball – n. – Ball of resin. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
resin bud – n. – Good marijuana that oozes out resin when you smoke it.
resinated – v. – To become full of THC resin or caked with resin. (Bud 02/07/2005)
Re-Up is the act of supplying your stash with more weed.
Rhine calls out for ganja.
Rhythm refers to the huge toke you just took but you didn’t realize how big it was because of your rhythm.
Riding the train defines using marijuana term.
Riding the wave refers to under the influence of drugs, you’re so high or your so happy, you just ride the mental wave you feel.
Rig exemplifies the equipment used to inject drugs.
Righteous bush interprets as a descriptive word for marijuana.
Ringer imparts a good hit of drugs.
Ripped refers to being under the influence of drugs.
Rippers are an amphetamine.
Roach refers to the butt of marijuana cigarette.
Roach clip names the clip that holds a partially smoked marijuana cigarette so your fingers don’t get sticky or stinky.
Rope dope refers to marijuana.
Robo-ing refers to drinking robotussin with codeine.
Roca means smoking crack (Spanish).
Roche or Rophynol; (see “roofies”).
Rock attack depicts smoking weed.
Rocket fuel describes marijuana as potent and volatile as rocket fuel.
Rocket -refers to a marijuana cigarette.
Rockette depicts a female descriptive word for marijuana.
Rock star is a female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack.
Roid rage depicts aggressive behavior caused by excessive steroid use.
Roll refers to MDMA drugs.
Roller outlines to inject a drug.
Rollers refers to the police.
Rolling labels MDMA.
Ron ~ n. Roach (Jo March 15, 2004).
Ron Don ~ n. A roach joint (Jo March 15, 2004).
Roofies or Rohypnol; a sedative that makes users feel very drunk.
Rook describes a person who can’t hang…..can’t handle their drugs.
Root portrays a descriptive word for marijuana.
Rope explicates a word for marijuana.
Roples – Rophynol; (see “roofies”).
Rosa characterizes marijuana.
Roses are a descriptive word for marijuana.
ROTF – v. – Rolling on the floor. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
Rox means cannabis.
Roxanne names ganja.
Royal blues refers to the LSD drug.
Royal Temple Ball is a resin mixed with LSD then rolled in to a ball.
Roz sketches a word for weed.
Ruffles – Rophynol; (see “roofies”).
Runners are people who sell drugs for others.
rush – n. – A type of liquid used to sniff and get really high.
rush up – adv. Take someone out.
rusty weed – n. – Brown weed. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)