S Words

S is for Skunk Weed with that super strong distinct odor where you can tell, just by walking by, what houses in the neighbourhood area growing pot. Makes you want to walk up, knock on the door and enter the skunk trance.

s.i.c – n. – Stoners injoying cronic. (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)SA – adj. that’s cool
sack chaser – n. a women using a man for money.
sacks – n. – Bags used for marijuana if u sell. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Sadhu – n. – A Hindu holy man who worships the lord Shiva by smoking hash all day. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
sad sack – n. – A lame person. (D-Babe 07-Apr-05)
salad – n. – 2 or more strains of pot in one spliff. (Charles130 26-Sept-05)
Salt and Pepper are words used to describe marijuana.
salvia / salvia divinorum – n. – A member of the sage family which when smoked has strong hallucinagenic properties, currently legal in the United States. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Sak expresses a bag of marijuana.
Salad refers to a bowl of of marijuana laced with other drugs. Usually hash or cocaine (‘Caesar Salad’).
Sam is a federal narcotics agent.
Santa Marta term used to describe marijuana.
Santourage of potheads following their dealer.
sapp sucker – n. – A user of marijuana, named after the NORML political activist Norma Sapp. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
sarky – v. – Sarcastic. (D-Babe 07-Apr-05)
Sassafras depicts a good cannabis plant.
satchel – n. A bag of chronic weed. “dude check out this fat satchel”. (HitThatLuugh 04/02/2004)
satellite – n. – A home made pipe usually made from an empty toilet paper roll.
Sativa defines a species of cannabis, found in cool, damp climate, grows up to 18 feet.
savvy – adv. Do you understand “You will do what I told you, savvy? (Bluntman March 20, 2004)
sawbuck – n. – 10 dollars worth of dope. (Mike 30-Mar-05)
sawbuck – n. – $10 bill (not $10 worth of dope. Ex. “I’ve got a sawbuck.”… he gives you a dime). (nitewolf777 06-June-05)
scarecrow – n. – Your supplier…the one who looks after ur crop of green…(TLA 02-Jan-06)
scheme – n. plan to do something
schwag (shwagg, shwag) – n. – Low potentcy pot.
schwuggets – n. – Swagg that is almost as good as nuggets, but is still swagg. (420 Widow 07/02/2004)
Scissors are used to cut up marijuana.
Score means to purchase drugs.
scrillmatick – adj. – Massive amounts of money. (Anonymous 04/22/2004)
scoobs – n. – The weed that falls out when rolling a blunt. (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
Scooby snacks – n. – The mouthful of weed you get from a cashed bowl or loose joint. (chroic_candy_69 06/11/2004)
scookum – adj. – 420 Cool. “Your new ride is scookum” (Budrick 05/17/2004)
school joint – n. – A doobie just big enough 4 ur ride 2 school or work…[T-LAY 07-April-06]
scope – v. to look at something “ Scope that out”
scope – v. To stare someone down
score – v. – To obtain drugs.
scratch – n. Money
scrilla – n. Money
scrounger – n. Someone who begs for food or money.
Secret Agent is a cigarette emptied of tobacco and filled or mixed with marijuana. (Cheers to Searl – August 7, 2012)
Seeds of Marijuana are the eggs or seeds of the marijuana plant.
sell out – n. doing something for getting money.
sense – n. – Short term for sinsemilla, a type of cannabis.
sensi – n. – A very potent, seedless cannabis, sort for “sensimilla” which means “without seed”. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
Sensimilla is seedless marijuana.
set tripping – adv. Killing someone in your own gang.
set up for failure – n. – A friend who sets you up to fail in a meaningless way..all out of fun and games . (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
Sesh/Session refers to going out to smoke. (Thanks to C-Mur from S.S.M. Ont, Can. – Feb.1, 2004).
Sess calls for a marijuana smoke out.
Set depicts the place where drugs are sold.
Sezz short for a marijuana smoke out.
shady – adj. – Any situation, deal, comment or event that is suspicious or seemed to be made under false pretenses. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
shag – v. Do It.
Shake refers to the bottom of the bag of marijuana.
shank – n. A knife. or, A small quantity of weed.
sharpie – n. – Blunt. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Shlook illustrates a puff of a marijuana cigarette.
shiesty – v. – A slippery character using con man ways to rip you off.
shinuzzle – n. — A game played when high. Players try to balance a lighter on the back of their outstretched hand and throw it around a circle without dropping it. If the lighter makes it all the way around the circle, all players must roast another bowl. (Salgo6T9 04-May-05)
Shiva – n. – A Hindu deity, the hash smoking god who is forever high. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
Shmagma is a term used to describe marijuana.
sholda than show – v. Surer then sure
shookone – n. – One who acts tough. (D.t.M. 24-Jan-06)
shoot the stack – v. – Fax the papers. (Lakekeeper 20-Nov-09)
shooting skeet – v – A euphemism for smoking pot, used when in the presence of parents or non-smokers, taken from the skeet shooting segment on the first Nintendo game Duck Hunt. (Darrin 04-Jan-06)
shorty – n. Female; like baby or hunns.
Shotgun means inhaling marijuana smoke forced into one’s mouth by another’s exhaling.
Shooting Gallery defines a place where drugs are used.
Shot Gun means someone puts the joint or blunt in their mouth backwards and blows the smoke into someone’s mouth.
Shrimp defines small buds of marijuana.
Shwag everyone knows as a low-grade marijuana.
sick – adj. – Awesome (Bluntman March 20, 2004)
sick – n. – Meaning stoned. I came into some financial trouble this spring and was forced to move back in with my mother and brother. While I was living away from my family I started smoking a lot of weed. Then when I moved back I had to tell my mother that I was a pothead. My mom’s quite a character, one time she saw me stoned at home and for the rest of the night she was begging my brother to look after me when we went out because I was “Sick”. Now I say that I have a “disease” because I seem to be getting sick all the time. (E-Bo 27-July-05)
side show – n. – An event that was origenated in east Oakland a daily event in which everyone participates in whippin doughnuts figure 8s and all kind of crazy shit right in the middle of a busy intersection. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Siddi describes canabis.
signing documents – v. – The act of smoking a joint with 1 or more person at a prearranged time. Most often used over the telephone to set up an appointment. ex. “Hey Chaz, we need to sign those documents ASAP, can we meet around 4pm? ” “I will pencil you in to sign those documents from 4 to 5, see u then”. (Sbatio 29-March-07)
Sinse is the word used to describe seedless pot..
Sinsemilla describes a seedless potent variety marijuana.
Sixty-two measures 2 1/2 ounces of pot.
skank – n. bitch that like to headtrip.
skama – n. – Is a slang word I hear last summer meaning Pot, bud, cannabis…….Just another word meaning weed. (Looneywhooo 12-July-05)
skeezer – n. – This is the dickhead who never has weed…always bummin a J [ T-Lay 28-Mar-06]
Sketch is a bad reaction to LSD or marijuana.
Skies refers to scales used to weigh drugs.
Skied means you’re under the influence of drugs.
Skies refers to scales used to weigh drugs.
skimp bag – n. A little bag with little weed in it. (Durrelb1 12/01/2004)
skinch – n. – The dude that gets you weed…and on his way back “skinches” a big bud outta your bag. [T-Lay 04-April-06]
skins – adj. you’re my girl “You’re my skins”
skins – n. – Marijuana rolling papers.
skirt – n. female
skitzing – adj. Acting nuts or over the edge.
skrilla – n. – Money or paper, you gotta have that skrilla. (420 Shangle 14-Mar-05)
skunk weed – n. – A type of marijuana that smells to high heaven.
Slack of course is a bag of weed that don’t weigh out.
Slanging means to be selling drugs.
Slagsmålsklubben – n. – The greatest sweedish, electronic band EVER! (Krafty 20-April-07)
slamming – adj. Attractive, “You look slamming”
slamming – adv. That’s cool
Sleep after smoking the herb sleep you will feel soothed and relaxed, you will fall asleep for more then two hours, it’s good for stress. (Courtesy of the Sandman).
slice –  n. An eighth of herb – Derived from Papa Gino’s pizza, 8 slices per pizza, 1 slice is 1/8. (Outlaw 31-Oct-05)
slice – n. – Very excessively attractive person. “That Colin Farrell is such a slice.” var. Slicing – (adj.) – the act of being a slice. “You are so slicing.” (Tracie 11-April-06)
slide – n – The removable downstem in a bubbler or waterbong, used as a carb to clear the chamber of smoke. (NJGreenBudd 01-Mar-05)
slow your role – v. – Take it easy and calm down, relax and watch yourself. (Danni 27-Aug-08)
slumber land – n. – Bed. “im going to slumber land” going to bed to have trippy dreams after getting very high”. (NNuge 26-Feb-07)
smashing – adv. see slamming.
smoka-dab – v. – A funny word meaning to smoke a blunt “Roll one up man, I’m tryin to smoka-da-b”. (TheHerbalRemedy 25-July-07)
smoke – v. to puff a bowl of pot.
smoke-a-riffic – adj. excellent “This bud is smoke-a-riffic” (Bluntman March 20, 2004)
smoke you out – n. – To smoke cannabis with someone.
smoken – v. – A fine bud, a tastey doobie, a clean bong…”Damb that weed was SMOKEN!!”….[T-LAY 01-March-07]
smokin a beer and drinkin a doob – v. – The act of getting wasted and trying to talk. (G-Man 22-Mar-05)
smokout buddie – n. – Person you smoke with the most. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
smokeout room – n. – A room dedicated to being an all weed room. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
smoking around – adv. – An expression used for the instance where a regular smoking buddy is caught getting high with someone else. “I know you ain’t cheating on me! I know you ain’t smoking around!” (pollypocket4eVa 03-April-06)
smoochy – n. – Slang meaning for cannabis.
Smoochywoochypoochy depicts cannabis.
Smoke obviously means to inhale marijuana.
Smoke Canada refers to inhale marijuana in Canada.
Smoke-out describes under the influence of drugs.
Smoke you out  to smoke marijuana with you.
snag – n. – Person you hook up wit or kiss. (Babygurl 04/20/2004)
snake – n. Conniving person
snap – adv. on the verge of loosing it
snap / snapping – v. – To smoke a bowl. “Let’s snap a bowl.” (DT420 12/22/2004)
snapadondi – n.- A snap, preferably from a bong. (Krafty 18-April-07)
snatch – n. A lady’s muff
snitch – n. Rat, talks for cash
Snite is a lighter used to smoke drugs.
Snoochies Boochies refers to marijuana or joint.
Snop name for cannabis.
sober – adv. not drunk
sod off – adv. go away or f-off
Soil / Soilless is the growing medium for marijuana plants.
soles – n. – Term for hashish.
solid – adj. A favor
solid – adj. tight, cool.
sonic – v. – Every thing seems fast to u when you’re high. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
s.o.n.y – v. – Stoned on New Years. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
soopa doopa – n. – Real good weed, chronic weed. (GQ 02/14/2005)
sotong – n. – Cannabis (Malaysia-Kemensah). (Justis_29 07-Oct-05)
soup – n. – A term used for a water bong pipe.
spaced out – v. – Description for a person who is high on drugs and cannot see the real worls around them.
spare part (S.P.) – n – Terms in Malaysia for leaves(Nipah) & tobaccos used to roll a joint. (Justis_29 07-Oct-05)
spark – n. – Lighter. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
spark a white owl – v. – Light up a big joint.
spark it up – v. – Lite up that joint homey. (Bab
Spark it up means to smoke marijuana.
spass-stick – n. – A person who looses control and goes ape when baked out of their mind. (HotD July 4, 2005)
speaker boxx – n. – A person who refuses to stop talking. (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
Speed boat is a descriptive word for cannabis.
Spliff arises from a Jamaican term for a large, ice-cream-cone-shaped joint.
Spring means giving a marijuana cigarette to another.
Spliffy describes a joint of marijuana.
Spaced out means to be high on marijuana.
Spare time refers to possessing marijuana.
Spark an owl means to smoke a gigantic doobie.
Sparking an owl the act of lighting a joint.
Spark it up refers to smoking or starting up a marijuana spliff.
Splaff means a marijuana cigarette laced with acid.
Speed boat stands for a descriptive word for cannabis.
Spider web refers to scam to rob someone of their dope and/or money.
Spliff describes a marijuana cigarette.
Splim is another descriptive word for cannabis.
Split doubles as a half and half or to leave.
Sprout refers to the young marijuana plant.
Sprung is a person just starting to use drugs.
spoon – n. – Code name for a lighter. “I have a bowl but no spoon.” <Salgo6T9 July 4, 2004>
spot – v. – Getting dope up front, no cost at time.(Mike 30-Mar-05)
spot – n. – Spot where you go smokeout. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
sprite – n. – Me and my buddies use the most common thing we could think of. We use the name of our favorite soda “SPRITE” we could talk about sprite right in front of our parents and they think were talking about soda. Worked for 2 years. (Darkness 29090 02/17/2005)
sprung – v. just got out “Sprung out of jail”
sprung – adj. Erected
squab – adj. Scrap.
square – n. cigarette (Bluntman March 20, 2004)
square – n. – A person who does not use drugs. A person with boring ideas and actions.
Square Mackerel means a marijuana, term from Florida.
squash – v. to finish something.
square villian – n. – Something you call a straight punk from a gay town “these geeks are straight square villians”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
squat – v. – Squattin in your load showin the crowd what your ride does “push it man dont be scared to squat”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
sqwalsh – n. – A pale, long haired type of marijauna bud. (I Love Grass 13-March-07)
squirell – n. – A trick that loves nuts. (Babygurl 04/20/2004)
squirell – n. – A tricc that loves nuts. (Babygurl 04/20/2004)
Stack that doob, we’re going to smoke it.
Stackola refers to stacking money or a stack of loot.
Stamen is the male plant sex organ which bears pollen for the beautiful females.
stank – n. – Skunky weed. (CASTRO760NL 28-Sept-07)
stank smell – adj. – Smell of resin. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
Stash refers to a place to hide drugs.
Stash areas are drug storage and distribution areas.
Statue of Liberty – v. – When ur bud sits ther holdin the doobie, like its all for them. [T-Lay 28-Mar-06]
steam roller – n. – A Marijuana pipe, which is basically a straight tube with a bowl on it. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
steamin – v. – When ur fellow toker draws ur j 2 hard…steamin it leavin a big cherry. [T-LAY 07-April-06]
steamroller – n. – Big glass pipe, shaped like a bong, no skanky H20…but still the pop a lung hit. [T-Lay 01-April-06]
stem, stems – n. – A part of the marijuana plant usually thrown away or used to make resin oil.
steez – adj. Style and shit
step off – v. Back the f-up
step to – v. to engage in confrontation
step up – v. Bring it on peeps.
stewie – v. – Whippin doughnuts hangin out the window yellin f**k tha police smokin tree in public and not givin a f**k “go stewie on em”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Stems are part of the marijuana plant.
stick – n. – A term used for a joint of marijuana.
sticky fingers – adj. – Your hands after cleaning a terrific sticky green bud…u know its gonna b tastey…cause ur fingers stick to ur papers. [T-Lay 01-April-06]
stiggity staggety stoned – v. – Extremely high (Hendrix001). (Michele Ferrazzani 24-April-09)
Stimey counts as a dime bag of pot.
Stinky is a descriptive word for pot.
stink weed, stinkweed – n. – Slang for really smelly pot.
stinky – n. – Term for cannabis.
stober – n. – Burntout (stoned but sober). (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
stoked – v. – To be really excited.
Stonality depicts how you act when your high. (T. Harris).
stoneafide – adj. – For being stoned. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
stoned to the bone – v. – So stoned that you are stoned to the bone.(WiIIardNjoseph 18-Apr-05)
stoned, stoner – adj. – A person who is baked out of there mnd all the time.
stoneder – v. – To have smoked enough pot to think that you are sober. (P Lauer 14-Apr-05)
stoner moment – n. – This means that when your smoking alot of pot and your with alot of friends, and all of the sudden you find yourself and all the others looking off into the distance and zoning out, and then after the stoner moment is over, every stoned dude there is like whoa man! stoner moment! (Classicpothead 07/23/2004)
stoner moment – v. – ” I don’t remember what I was gonna say for the definition”…aahhh a stoner moment 4 me…[T-Lay 25-Oct-06]
stoney – adj. – Cool, “Man that’s a stoney pipe.” HitThatLaugh 04/16/2004)
straight up – adj. No lie, For real.
straw – n. – A joint.
stoner project – n. – An activity that involves creativity and patients, while under the influence. Somehow my friends and I always end up doing crafts or making elaborate meals. I like to refer to them as “Stoner Projects”. (Dolly England 01/17/2004)
stroll – v. to take a walk.
stunna glasses – n. – A pair of glasses that are over sized with the lenses popped out. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
stunk – v. – To be drunk and stoned at the same time. (Joshua 12/06/2004)
stunt – v. try something difficult
strut – v. act cool
strut – n. show off “strut your stuff”
stupid doodle dumb – n. – Another way of saying how high you are or describing someone way drunk “stupid doodle dumb of 151” rest in peace to my boy mac dre king of the bay. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
subZero – v. – To take a big toke and exhale smoke for a long time. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
suce – – Wall graffiti which means sucks. (420 Doctor 07/05/2004)
sucka – n. Fool, or idiot
superman – v. – Is when u r smoking a glass bowl and u take a hit and part of the cherry goes through the pipe and u see the cherry fly from the bowl to your mouth. (Gunnerlax07 03-Mar-05)
Super Jaded means you are blitzed off drugs; unable to think clearly.
Supergrass / Super Grass refer to types of marijuana.
swagg – v. – To walk or talk in a boastful manner; to have confidence in whatever you do; to be a trendsetter. (8057426164 05-Nov-08)
swayze – v. I’m outta here.
Swazi – n. – Some good weed. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
sweat – adj. Bother “Why you gotta sweat me”.
sweat box – n. – Is a small club. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
sweet – adj. Cool, or dope
sweet lucy – n. – Cannabis
sweet tooth – n. – A type of marijuana that is very potent and very tasty. (DanTman 01/04/2005)
swing low – v. Go down baby.
swishers – v. – A new trend started in vallejo california go to your local liquor store buy a strawberry swisher. Slice down the middle insert major tree at least a dub twurp it up no you got your self a nice blunt. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
swisher sweets – n. – Blunt wrap used to roll weed in. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)