T Words

T 420 words plus slang phrases created from the true superiority. Tracted is our newest addition to the T 420 words listings. Tracted is a short term for extracts. Meaning I’ve just hit some extracts. I tracted your mind.

T is a word for marijuana slang.
T.H.C – n. – Totally High on Cannibus. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
T.S. – adj. Tight stomach.
t-town – n. – Tampa Fl. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
tag – n. Graffiti
tag – n. Nickname
Taima conjures images of cannabis.
take a trip – v. – To go on a real good high. (Eros 420 09/01/2004)
take one for the team – v. – When you have to settle with the ugly one, while a friend gets the sexy one… (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
Taking on a number means you’re smoking marijuana.
talking politics – v. – To get stoned, the process of smoking. (TJR 12/31/2004)
Tampon refers to a fat joint.
Tanker means a two paper marijuana joint (when rolling the joint looks like a boat that’s pack with weed).
Taste defines a small sample of drugs.
tastey – n. A fly honey.
tater – n. – a joint..usally said in the north. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
taxing – v. – The price you pay to enter a drug house or establishment. (D 09/01/2004)
taxing – v. – The money added to your bag of weed when you have your buddy go get it for you. (JJ 11/15/2004)
Tea is slang for maryjane, muggles, gage etc.
Tea Head is a habitual marijuana user.
Tea Pad depicts in Harlem in the 30’s and 40’s, and after-hours club where pot was smoked and jazz music performed.
Tea Party happens when you smoke marijuana.
Ted is somebody that drinks the water from the bottom of a bong in exchange for weed. (Spark one up for Jordan Harris Feb 9, 2004).
tearin it – adv. – To mess up or act a fool, you usually tear it up when your drunk or stoned. (Babygurl_my420 04/22/2004).
television – n. – You are high EXE – I’m watching television. or are going to be. EXE – I’m going to be watching television tonight want to come? (azr9 09-July-07)
temple balls – n. – Really good hashish from Nepal. (D 09/01/2004)
tendies – n. Not great but OK weed. (420 Anon 06/11/2004)
ten sack – n. – Ten bucks worth of pot, sometimes called a dime bag.
ten sheets in the wind – adj. – When you’re really fucking high, you are ten sheets in the wind. (ThePendragon 01/24/2005)
ten spot – n. – Dime bag. (GQ 02/14/2005)
terminator – n. – An inhalers aero chamber ….when filled with pot smoke and inhaled quickly u feel like ur almost terminated…no matter how much u try u will never see any smoke when u exhale..IT GOES STRAIGHT 2 UR LUNGS. (jenni-V 30-Mar-05)
Tex-mex stands as a word for marijuana.
Texas pot describes cannabis from Texas.
Texas tea describes pot from Texas.
Thai sticks are bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo.
THC is the short form for tetrahydrocannabinol.
Thirteen means a marijuana term for a type of marijuana.
Thumb describes an amount of marijuana.
Tin stands for the container for marijuana; a marijuana pipe made out of tinfoil.
Tetrahydrocannabinol/THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that is responsible for the high.
Thai Stick is that delicious Thai variety of marijuana, usually wrapped around thin bamboo splints or popsicle stick slivers.
the bubble – n. – Something really trippy. pretend to put something invisible on somebody’s head (somebody who is baked). as soon as they see you put it on, pretend that you can’t hear them and start pretending to have a really interesting conversation with somebody, but don’t make any noises! keep doing this for a while and then after you’ve had enough fun, take “the bubble” off of the victim’s head. very weird when you are baked. (ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
Thyme[or Oregano] Describes spices resembling marijuana in appearance, frequently used to defraud customers.
The Cat – n. – Used when police is following you, Ex. The cat is following us. (Chronic213 15-Apr-05)
The Dank – n. – Really good pot. (PhatHead 11/15/2004)
the fuzz – n. – Refers to the police “oh no its the fuzz!”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
The magician with the rabbit in the hat – n. – Some one who can always get weed real fast when others don’t have any. (Chronic213 15-Apr-05)
the ranch – n. – The engine of a car. (MotorHead 01/04/2005)
the spot – n. – A really good place to smoke up. (ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
the spot – n. – The place where you get all your “shit” its so hott the police don’t even be tryin sweat it. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
the Ten Commandments of weed – n. – The rules one must follow when smoking with others. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
the whip – n. – Good weed. (Charles130 26-Sept-05)
THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol the active chemical in marijuana.
thiz or die – v. – It represents all the fools who be poppin pills like skittles. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
thizzlamic – v. – Bein a part of the thizz nation speakin the language of thizzlamic means you got super thizz powers your in buildin and your feelin yourself a language we speak in the bay its catchin on like pig latin. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
thizzle pops – n. – Ecstacy. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
thizzin – v. – Rollin hella hard of an e pill. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
tho – conj. though
thug – n. Gangsta
thump – adj. knock “I’m gonna thump you out”
tick – n. – Is your heart. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
tight – adj. Cool, dope
tight – n. Virgin girl
tight – adj. Perfect, Fine “that’s a tight hunny”.
Tighten someone’s wig means to provide marijuana [1940’s].
Tijuana/TJ depicts marijuana from Mexico.
time – n. — Synonym for weed referring to how much a person has. “How much time do you have?” “I got about 20 minutes” (a 20 sack). (Salgo6T9 04-May-05)
Tin is the container for marijuana.
tink – v. – The use of a dugout style “one-hitter”. The “tink” is the sound the metal tube makes when tapped to knock out the ashes. I.e. “Wanna tink or two”. (Erol Triplett 21-Apr-05)
to guerrilla – v. – To use physical force. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
to be stoned – adj. – Describes state of mind, “Dude I got so blazed at John’s house” (Hell Serpent 04/06/2004)
to beast it – v. – To bang a hot chick. (Blue Eyes Anna 09-June-05)
to revolutionize – v. – To smoke. (ManU 20-April-07)
to start a revolution – v. – To light up a blunt. (ManU 20-April-07)
toll fee – n. – An extra hit for a favor. (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
tokabonging – v. – Alternating a cigarette with the weed when smoking with several people. that way everyone is always smoking! (The Cheese 14-Apr-05)
Toke describes the act of smoking marijuana.
toke – v. – To toke, or toking; word used when describing the smoking of marijuana…Usually used when someone is smoking out of a bong, hookah, or 420 pipe. Chanted sometimes when trying to take really big rips. “Toke, Toke, Toke, Toke, Toke, Toke, Toke, Toke!!!!” (P. Porter 11/01/2004)
toker – n. – Someone who is always getting high, pothead. (GQ 02/14/2005)
tokie tokie – v. – You say it when you are stoned to the bone…usally this saying goes along with it…tokie tokie for you tokie tokie for me. (WiIIardNjoseph 18-Apr-05)
Tokkin smokin bakin gonez az canz b I I. (Courtesy of Budmaknz Vill).
Tonyliciouse – n. – The dude who always joins you for 420 fun..the keeper of pipes and wraps….with him around its always 420 [T-LAY 420 18-Aug-07]
tool – n. – Something used to aid smoking, general classification for bongs lungs and the like. (DD 20-Apr-05)
toot – v. – To smoke on a joint.
tootsie roll – n. – Roach part of a blunt. (CASTRO760NL 28-Sept-07)
Torch is to light up marijuana joints or vaporizers.
Torch up is the act of lighting up marijuana.
Torpedo describes marijuana in joint form.
toupee – n. – When you add a little “green top” over the cashed weed in a pipe or bong. (IS 13-March-07)
Tout is the person who introduces buyers to sellers.
torch – v. – To spark up a doobie.
tore up from the floor up – v. – So freakin high you can’t think clearly. (Stoner Girlz 420 06/07/2004)
tosted – adj. – So freaking high. (Stoner Girlz 420 06/07/2004)
totalled – v. – As high as you can get, beyond high. (LakeKeeper 28-Dec-06)
towels – n. – Joints, ie.. Don’t forget to bring the “towels” to the pool. Folks did not have a clue. Used in southern Indiana late 70’s early 80’s. (T.Pappy 23-April-06)
toy – n. object “your nothing but a toy”
TOY – v. – Thinking of you. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
Trace Elements are the smaller nutrients needed for good marijuana plant growth.
Trees mean marijuana doobies or big stalks of cannabis not trimmed yet.
trackweed – n. – Horrible quality weed. (K. Schieck 17-Mar-06)
trailer trash – n. Poor person
trap – n. – Hiding place for your stash.
traumed – v. – Getting high. Back in my day when I was 15-16 years old, that’s what we used to say when we got “high” off marijuana. In Astoria, Woodside, Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. (Sohobutterfly 4-20/06)
tripping balls – v. – Tripping out on drugs very hard.
trisome – n – A marijuana plant that grows in sets of three opposing branches instead of the normal sets of two opposing branched and leaves. (NJGreenBudd 01-Mar-05)
trainwreck – n. – Super potent pot from Duncan, BC. (Phat420Fred 04/28/2004)
tree – n. – When you’re looking for sum green, in a text messege u say “tree anyone????”. (TandA 20-April-07)
tree – n. – Weed. (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
trees – n. Slang for marijuana. (RobBraveHeart718 03/27/2004)
tremendous knock – v. – Having a major sound system in your car. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
trichome – n. – The technical name for the crystals seen on budds of high quality marijuana. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
trick – adj. Bitch
trillz – v. – iight. (Elias420 27-Nov-06)
trip – v. Head game “ Im gonna trip with dis girl”
tripping – v. effects from drugs
tripping out – v. freaking out, or loosing control.
trippy – n – Something that is very amazing, wierd, scary or cool when you are baked. (ChrisU 11-Apr-05)
troll – n. – Un invited smoker. (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
true that – v. that’s true
trumpet – n. – Pipe with big bowl. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Tubes refers to water pipes or bongs.
Turbo Toke is a marijuana term for hauling big time on a joint or pipe.
Turtle is when someone goes green or white from smoking to much. (A big phatty to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 3, 2004).
twamp – n. 20.00 worth of marijuana. (Pie_Pixie 06/15/2004)
twat – n. – A joint that’s almost finished. (Crispy 30-April-07)
tweed – pron. – Someone who does something really retarded and realizez they did before anyone else does but makes sure its known. (jenni-V 30-Mar-05)
Tweeds means marijuana in street slang.
tweeker – n. – A person who uses methamphetamine on a regular basis. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
twenty and forty – n. – Hip hop term for a $20 bag of pot and a forty pounder of whiskey. (Barbwired 07/11/2004)
twenty tack – n. 20$ of marijuana.
Twigs and Seeds are the un-smokeable leftovers from screening marijuana before sale, or the stuff at the bottom of a bag after purchase.
Twist means a type of marijuana joint cigarette.
Twistum refers to going ahead and rolling a joint cigarette.
twizzle – n. – A twenty bag. (jenni-V 30-Mar-05)
240 – v. – When ur wasted and cant speek due to cotton mouth .if asked a question and the reply is yes..you say “240 baby”…(TLA 02-Jan-06)
two taced – n. Person says one thing and then does another.
215@2 -15 – I was working on a med cannabis farm {275 girls-plants- that year ..2004} we called it “The patients Alliance” in Upper Lake Calif. There were about 6 of us working and it was time for a break. I asked to no one in particular.. What time is it? A reply came from someone its ……2 -15. I then said…. ” Hey, its 215@2 -15. lets break and medicate. 215 is the proposition number under witch we -the California voters- passed our Medical Marijuana Prop. in 1996. This I know for FACT.. I and others have been unable to PROVE where 420 came from. (Rev. Edward J. Disney 17-March-2008)