V Words

V is for the vegetative state the mind reaches when 4:20am sessions create stories in the mind. V 420 words from the vaporizer lifestyle. Throw in cool slang phrases for fun.

V is the depressant term for drugs.
v-town – n. – Vallejo California the little itty bitty city that’s steady getting taller. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Valium Valley dolls are a LSD reference.
vallejo – n. – We smoke major tree out here in vallejo this town EVERYONE here smokes and this town needs to be put on the map. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
valley dolls – n. – Term for LSD.
Vape Head nicknames the people who love to vaporize marijuana everyday.
vaping – v. – The act of inhaling water vapor as means to obtain a substances such as nicotine or THC. Sentence – Many believe vaping nicotine to be much safer than smoking cigarettes for nicotine addiction. (Ben 20-Nov-09)
vapor – n. – Inhalant
vaporizer – n. – A smoking device which heats your 420 smoke to the exact vaporizing temperature of the active chemicals. (BuzzBee420 07/23/2004)
Vaporizer describes the machine that vaporizes marijuana and leaves you with just the THC in vapor form. You can check out cool video and photographs of vaporizer use and reviews. We use ’em then review ’em for you @ Buy Vaporizers for Sale
vega – n. – A cigar or cigarette split open and filled with pot.
Vegetative refers to the leaf growing cycle of the marijuana plant.
Venom is another term for PCP.
Vermiculite names the expanded mica used to provide additional medium moisture retention.
vest – n. Condom.
vestibule – n. – A pot pipe. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
vexed – adj. Very angry
Vipe is a word to describe cannabis.
Viper describes 1930’s hipster who frequented tea pads and smoked jive; onomatopoeic from sssssst, the sound made by an inhaling pot-smoker.
Viper’s weed is slang for marijuana in the 1930’s.
vitamin Thc – n. – Bud, weed. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Vodka acid refers to a type of LSD.
Volcano 5 stands for thes red LSD paper.
voluntold – v. – You were told you were volunteered for something or someone. (D.T.M. 11-Feb-08)
Voomp – n., v.; Marijuana, to smoke marijuana.
Voomped – adj. (well, strictly speaking it’s a past participle, but who’s counting?); experiencing the effects of marijuana Both terms are colloquial, local to eastern Pennsylvania. (Thanks to AxiomaticApricot).