W Words

W Words
W 420 words listings. Cool slang with phrasing. The new addition to the W 420 words listings is weedonkulous. Meaning to have so much weed on hand it’s ridiculous.

W.B – n. Welfare Bum
Wac describes someone on marijuana.
wack – adj. Crazy or stupid
Wacky Tobacky is a word referring to weed.
Wacky weed depicts weed.
wackie tabaccie – n. marijauna term.
wacko – n. – Out of your mind.
wad – n. – A sum of money.
waffle – n. – To talk and make no sense.
waffles – n. Pot, in general. You can also have blueberry waffles (blueberry dank), Belgium waffles (dank), eggo waffles (shwag), etc. (Nikki999 03/30/2004)
wake and bake – v. – To wake up and smoke a joint first thing, wow what a buzz. (BuzzBee420 07/23/2004)
wall toke – v. – To inhale pot smoke starting in a kneeling position and while continuing to inhale you slowly get to standing upright. What a head rush. (420 Barbwired 05/05/04)
wally – n. – A term used to bug people.
wanksta – n. Someone pretending to be a gangsta.
wanna-mara? – v. – Want to smoke? (Jesse 19-May-05)
wannabe – n. – To want to be something or someone.
wangle – n. – To obtain by scheming. (AuntB 04-Mar-05)
wangwangwang – v. – The sound your head makes when you do two nitrous oxide whippetts while already tripping on mushrooms. (Appollo 18-Nov-05)
wankered – v. – Stoned out of your mind.
wanky – adj. – Rubbish or full of crap.
wapp – v. – The word used for sokin your pape in oil, ie – wap dat pape up, lets smoke. (Charles130 26-Sept-05)
waste of space – n. – A term used to describe useless people.
wasted – v. – Under the influence of mind warping substances.
waterfall – n. – a type of gravity bong that includes a drain plug at the bottom of a container filled with water. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
waterpipe – n. – A pipe with a water filtration chamber, normaly used in place of Bong in head shops to prevent any legal hassles. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Watt measures 1000 watts for good marijuana growth in a small closet. A unit for measuring light.
way out – v. – Unusual.
wazoo – n. – Rear end.
WE – v. – Whatever. (Ele 18-Apr-05)
weed abuse – v. – To spill marijuana. (TH 02/23/2005)
weed bunny – n. – Someone who likes to get high and make love. (Brittany D 02/02/2005)
Weed tea is marijuana made into a drinking tea.
wedgie – v. – To pull someone’s underwear up their crack.
weightless – v. – High on pot.
west coast – n. – Slang for drugs.
wet – n. Pleasurable “wet dreams”
wet – v. – Feeble.
what for – v. – To give someone the “What For”
what up – v. – To ask someone what’s going on.
Wheat describes weed.
whiffy – v. – To smell.
Willie fingers describes very fat blunts. (T. Harris).
whippetts – n. – Nitrous Oxide bulbs (named so because thier intended use would be for making whipped cream). (Appollo 18-Nov-05)
whips – n. – Cars. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
whisk – v. To attack
whisk – v. to take away.
whisper – n. – Snitch, nark. (HydroDutch420 19-May-05)
white/white boy. white cross, white doves, white dust, white ghost, white girl, white horizon, white horse, white junk, white lady, white lightning, white mosquito, white nurse, white out, white powder, white sugar, white tornado – n. – All slang for drugs.
white mans blunt – n. – Papers put together side to side. (Stonie 18-Apr-05)
whitie – v. – Overdose of marijuana resulting in paleness of the face and possible wicked vomiting. “man, I’m whitieing out off it!”. (NNuge 26-Feb-07)
whiz, whiz bang – n. – Slang for combination drugs.
whoopdee – v. – To get imensly high beyond reason. It is said to inform your weedmates that you are really high. Me and my homies use this phrase when we are all smoking together. We say whoopdee when we are pretty high and then if the others are high they say it also. It has gone far enough that we say, “Hey lets go get whoopdee” and we even have a website for it. (Tino 17-June-05)
wide – adj. – Very confident, clever. (AuntB 04-Mar-05)
wiff – n. – A puff or toke. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
wigger – n. A non brother trying to be a brother.
Wiggin means needing some drugs.
willies – n. – To be scared.
willy – adj. Male geniustailia.
windbag – adj. – A talker who won’t shut up.
wings – n. – The way people’s arm go out like airplane wings when they get high and agressive.
wired – v. – High on dope.
wired for sound – v. – Means very high on cocaine, almost too high. “I am so wired for sound right now you have no idea”. (Andrew 15-Aug-05)
witch/witch hazel – n. – Slang for drugs.
wizard – n. – An ounce of cannabis.
wizard – n. – Excellent.
wizard of oz – n. – An ounce of marijuana.
wobble weed – n. – Good marijuana that gets you really baked.
wonky – adj. – Unstable.
woo banger – n. – A cigarette split in half and filled with marijuana.
wounderland – v. – So stoned you think you are somewhere else. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Wonder Woman – n. – Nickname for weed (female) a.k.a. Maryjane. (GQ 02/14/2005)
wood – n. Erected dude.
Wood depicts a slang word referring to weed.
Woodstock – n. – A famous place where rock concerts take place. Also slang for dope.
woody – n. Boner.
wooer – n. – A joint of cannabis.
woolah – n. – A joint made from a hollowed out cigar or cigarette.
woolie/wooley blunts – n. – A split open cigar filled with drugs.
wooz – n. – Slang for marijuana.
word up – adv. whats up?
word – n. acknowledgment
Working half describes a bud weighing half gram or more.
works – n. – Equipment used for taking drugs.
wotcha – n. – Greeting, short for “what cheer”.
wraps – n. – These are rolling papers, blunt wraps, your clubs…ez-wides..jokers..zig-zags. [T-Lay 01-April-06]
wreak – adj. Mess
wreak – n. Destroyed. “you look like a wreak”
wrecked – n. – High. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
wu banger – n. – Blunt laced with yayo. (Hydrodutch420 29-Mar-05)
wupp – v. – To beat someone, “I’m gonna beat yur butt”.
wuss – n. – A person who is timid.
wut it do – v. – Wus up. (Babygurl 04/20/2004)
wuwoo – n. – Combination drug joints.