Y Words

ya – pron. you
ya da da mean – v. – Its like whats up. Yah know what I mean??? to be said with a long slur and a roll of your tongue. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
y’all – you all. (Danni)
yack – v. – Talk up a storm.
yacky – n. – Disgusting or vile.
yap – v. To make fun of someone
yap – v. To talk a lot
yahoo / yaeho – n. – Slang for dope.
yak daddy – n. – A man who rules all. (R.Yakel 1-May-05)
yam – n. – Home.
yammy – n. – A crazy person.
yap – n. – Talk to much.
yard or yard note – n. – $100 bill. (nitewolf777 06-June-05)
yeee – v. – A term of holla something you yell out “squares disapear when cutties holler yeee”. (Thizelle707 11-Oct-05)
Yeh referring to marijuana.
Yellow submarine means a marijuana term for some types of pot.
yellow taxi – n. A kind of weed from Amsterdam. (420 Rapper 07/20/2004)
yen pop – n. – Slang for cannabis.
yerba/yerba caniba/yerba buena – n. – Weed. (Jesse 19-May-05)
Yen pop describes a marijuana culture term slang.
Yerba names a word referring to pot.
Yerba mala names a word referring to cannabis.
yeska – n. – Spanish for weed. (Chronic213 11-Apr-05)
Yesca depicts a word meaning ganja.
Yesco is a word referring to marijuana.
ying – n. – Graffiti for cannabis.
yippy yi – v. For sure, yea right.
yo – n. – A greeting term or to call upon, “Yo, how’s it going?”.
yob – n. – A person who always seeks trouble.
Yoda-a joint means a marijuana cigarette with a bulge in the middle. (Thanks to Sarah-Beth O.).
yokes – n. – Slang for e-tabs – plural. (NNuge 26-Feb-07)
you got snuffed – v. – You got punched. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
you got the dragon – v. – You got bad breath. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
your poke – n. – Your bankroll. (ChrisU 19-May-05)
yomp – v. – To cruise around real fast.
yuck – n. – Really disgusting.
Yum Yum describes the name slang for weed. (Thanks to Yum Yum).
yup – v. yes