Z Words

z – n. – One ounce of marijuana.
zambi – n. – Slang name for marijuana.
zapper – n. – TV remote control.
zay – n. – A mix of pot and other substances in a cigar or cigarette.
zen – v. fly high
Zeppelin – n. – A type of marijuana pipe. (Riley Norton II 08/03/2004)
Zigba refers to nugget marijuana. (Cheers to Miz G of the Northwoods)
ziggy – v. For real
Ziggys – n. zig zags
Zig Zag man – n. – Habitual dope smoker. (JPeterman 11-Apr-05)
Zig Zags – n. Rolling paper
Zig-Zag are a kind of marijuana rolling papers.
zip – n. – An ounce of marijuana. (Smoky McPot 02/14/2005)
zip it – v. – Shut your mouth.
Zippy names the name of a marijuana dealer. (Cheers to 98WalkerBJ Feb. 5, 2004).
ZipUAweek – n. and v. Means a type of marijuana or to smoke marijuana.
zit – n. – A spot or pimple.
zoinked – v. – Stoned on dope.
zol – n. – Marijuana joint. (JPeterman 11-Apr-05)
Zol is a cannabis cigarette.
zombie – n. – A heavy user of dope.
Zombie Weed describes real good knock you out pot.
zone control – n. – Game for after you smoke where everyone looks for people who are zoning out, The target then has their zone invaded by verbal or visual interaction ” Kid is undefeated in zone control. ” (Stew 18-May-06)
zoned – v. The state of mind where you’re focused on one thing only. (DJ 07/23/2004)
Zonked means very stoned, spaced-out, wasted, ripped, destroyed, wrecked, intoxicated all to hell and gone.
Zooie depicts to hold the butt of marijuana cigarette.
Zoom mixes up ganja types.
zonked – n. – Stoned out of your head.
zooie – n. – A tool for holding weed.
zoot fairy – n. – A female who can handle her blunt.
Zooted means to be so high. (Thanks to Max Reck around June 2012(JMDsCrazy 10-Mar-05)
Zooted – adj. to be high (Blazechick 03/20/2004)
zu-bi – n. – Rolling tobacco. (Dave and Matt 07/02/2004)
zug – n. – Slang for weed, rip zug! (Emericansk8r311 01-Dec-08)
zu-pu – n. – Marijuana. (Dave and Matt 07/02/2004)
zuted – v. – really really high (420G 01/03/2004)
zzz’s – n. to sleep