710 is a short-hand nickname for the holiday celebrated on July 10th each year in the United States from New York to LA in honor of cannabis concentrates. On 7/10, cannabis concentrate fans celebrate the extracts of cannabis plants and all of their products with sales at dispensaries, public events, and more.

What does 710 mean?

Oil is used to describe more potent medical marijuana concentrates generally, such as badder, dabs, honey oil, hash oil, live resin, shatter, wax, etc. 710 is the inverted form of “oil,” the shorthand for all of those kinds of cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis concentrates are known for offering higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Users typically consume them using vaporizers, dab rigs, vapes, and other devices designed to maximize flavor and the overall stoner experience.

July 10th or 7/10 is the holiday known around the world for celebrating and consuming the more potent cannabis oil products. 7/10 is incidental, but it’s a great time to celebrate cannabis and cannabinoids like THC–and the dabs and cannabis concentrates that deliver them at such high concentrations.

710 Usage and Meaning

Just like 420 has come to mean “it’s time to smoke out” in the cannabis community, saying 710 can now mean it’s time to dab or otherwise use your concentrates. In other words, saying “710” is like saying, “let’s dab,” in some circles, although it’s also a little cute.

Does 710 refer to the time of day—like 420 has come to mean 4:20 am or 4:20 pm? To dabbers looking for a sesh it can. But again, this is an evolving use of the term.

In some circles, people use 710 to determine whether the setting is 710-friendly. In other words, thanks to ongoing cannabis legalization and changing medical marijuana laws, smoking plain old flower is more acceptable to more people than it used to be.

Still, dabbing concentrates remains unfamiliar to many. This means it feels more…druggy to the uninitiated. Many cannabis connoisseurs want to check first and make sure they’re in a friendly setting before dabbing.

These days, as dabbing and cannabis gain in popularity, 710 takes on new meaning. You’ll find 710 gift guides in High Times and even in mainstream publications. You might see recommendations on best cannabis strains for concentrates, and how to dab CBD oils.

710 Origins

710 or dab day is the recognized holiday for celebrating and consuming the more potent cannabis oil products—and this is the origin of the name. While some cannabis consumers search for a clever 420 style story or deep numerology meaning in this nickname, there really isn’t one, unless you’re a fan of calculators from the 1980s.

All we mean is, the number 710 spells “OIL” upside-down and backwards, just like that game kids used to play back in the day with their calculators. (Google “80087355” if you don’t know what we mean.) More directly, if you flip your car’s oil cap upside-down, that’s how it looks: like it’s saying 710.

Some say that Highly Educated’s TaskRok originated the phrase 710, and he released an album in 2011 under the name Task & Linus that referred to dabbing many times—including a song called “7:10.”

And very dedicated cannabis tourists might seek out the 710 house in San Francisco! This home at 710 Ashbury Street is a famous location for Grateful Dead fans and potheads–but again, it did not inspire the holiday.

(And while still other people call 710 the “angel number,” this isn’t relevant to marijuana or dab day. This angel number title refers to numerology, and is supposedly referencing what angels do in one’s life–but it is not actually connected to the cannabis holiday.)

Still, unlike the 420 holiday, there is not one clear origin story for 710.

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