Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a landrace strain of marijuana that was wildly popular in the 1960s. For people in the cannabis counterculture movement, Acapulco Gold had special appeal for its unique color and energizing potency. This legendary cannabis strain is a luxurious taste of the world of cannabis, sought after by new users, experienced connoisseurs, and even celebrities.

What does Acapulco Gold?

Considered one of the treasures of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, Acapulco Gold has origins that remain shrouded in mystery. Even so, it is known throughout the region and the world as a treat that produces an incredibly euphoric and energetic high, making it ideal for wake-and-bake or all-day use. In fact, Acapulco Gold cannabis is even known to taste like an incredible gourmet morning coffee.

Acapulco Gold Usage and Meaning

A classic strain, Acapulco Gold represents an old school Mexican sativa experience. Expect strong invigorating feelings of happiness, and an enlightened, clear-headed high.

Acapulco Gold is also a strong sativa, a bit of a party-starter. For many users it is arousing as well as euphoric and uplifting, especially in the right company. In any case, Acapulco Gold is famous for producing comfortable feelings of joy and relaxation.

An energetic strain, Acapulco Gold is the type of cultivar that helps get and keep you motivated enough to get something done. These sativa-dominant effects will produce a great vibe and happy feelings, even after a long and exhausting day, for a relaxed and stress-free finish.

Acapulco Gold Origins

With an uncertain and mysterious background, Acapulco Gold remains one of the most famous strains in the industry. Even after decades of fame, the true origins of this sativa-dominant powerhouse remain a mystery. Acapulco Gold has gone on to do great things, and is one of the parents of the hybrid Skunk No. 1.

The real issue is that landrace strains like Acapulco Gold evolve on their own in nature, without help from humans. This means that although we stumble upon them in the wild and eventually learn to cultivate them, we don’t have a hand in their origins.

Today, the strain is harder to run across in the wild, particularly in the United States, although more people are growing it inside. However, natural landrace conditions for Acapulco Gold are difficult to replicate indoors.

Why is Acapulco Gold so Popular?

There are several reasons why Acapulco Gold remains so popular after all this time:

Taste. The sweet fragrance and taste of Acapulco Gold typically win over many fans. Typically users report notes of coffee, pine, sweetness, warm or burnt toffee, buttercream, blueberry, and citrus. That Acapulco Gold palate is sophisticated and lends itself especially well to vapes and concentrates.

Medical benefits. Unlike many sativa-dominant strains, the Acapulco gold marijuana strain typically contains several minor cannabinoids, including CBG, and terpenes that offer notable medical benefits including a body high. These other cannabinoids also help mitigate against cannabis side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

Appearance. This strain is truly beautiful in appearance, characterized by green buds laced with gold, brown, and orange hairs, to resemble gold nuggets.

Rarity. The exotic outdoor tropical origins of Acapulco Gold make it ready to harvest in nature by mid-late October. Indoor growers put at least moderate effort into this plant, and it’s not easy to find in nature as a landrace anymore. Inside, flowering time for Acapulco Gold seeds is approximately 70 to 75 days, and yields are about 16 ounces per square meter.

Classic landrace plus potency. Acapulco Gold average THC content is 15%, with some samples containing up to 23% THC levels. The Acapulco Gold strain typically contains average CBD levels of around 0.7%, and almost always less than 1% CBD—although it does have medical benefits. This places it in league with many indica strains in terms of medical marijuana benefits.

Mood. Acapulco Gold offers a classic sativa dominant hybrid experience, with a happy, mood elevating benefit that users love. This is the kind of cannabis uplift that many people think about and aim to achieve, and it makes Acapulco Gold an ideal choice for anyone hoping to avoid couch lock.

Fame. High Times Magazine called Acapulco Gold one of the greatest strains of all time in 2014, and this landrace strain is just as popular now as it was in the 1960s.

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