Blazed is an adjective that means really stoned or high.

What does blazed mean?

1. Named for the cherry or blaze at the end of a cannabis cigarette or joint, use “blazed” the same way you’d use “baked,” and similar words.


  • “I was so blazed last night that I left my phone in the fridge.”
  • “We only planned a quick sesh, but we ended up getting totally blazed.”
  • “Jerry Sue was thoroughly blazed last night!”

2. Some people also use blazed as a past-tense verb to refer to having smoked a bowl. Basically, you’re using it in place of “smoked” or a similar word.


  • “We blazed the entire quarter and I’m not sorry.”
  • “I blazed up with that guy in the past, and he’s honestly not as bad as he seems.”

Images to Illustrate the Definition of “Blazed”

Blazed definition
Definition of blazed

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