Doobie: Usage and Meaning The origins of the word doobie are mysterious, although there are false legends about Elvis, the Doobie Brothers, and others. The term was definitely in use in the US during the 1950s, and some people believe that it has its origins among jazz musicians—who might sing or enjoy scat, doobie doobie …

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ditch weed

Ditch Weed

Ditch Weed: Usage and Meaning Although some people claim that certain samples of ditch weed can produce a classic cannabis high if you dry and cure it properly, in general this isn’t the case. Ditch weed is typically low in THC. Examples: “Little Hunnila and the scout troop found a huge stand of ditch weed …

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Decriminalization: Usage and Meaning Decriminalization is like half of the legal and social puzzle for any given issue, while legalization represents the other half. “Legalization” as a phrase was originally used in the context of sex work, but now is most often heard in the discussion of drug laws. Criminalization is the opposite of decriminalization. …

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What is the DEA? The DEA exists to enforce federal drug laws and regulations in the United States, so this intelligence mission is technically important to that stated goal. However, this is—justifiably—where the idea of the narc comes from. Due to decades of pointless drug wars that were in fact intended to fail, the DEA …

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See below for both the discussion of the origins of “dagga” and current applications. [See other slang terms for cannabis here.] Dagga: Usage and Meaning Examples: “Fire up that good dagga, my friend!” “Generoy always knows where the truly kind dagga is; no clue how they find it, mine is never quite as good.” “Would …

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dank definition


In some contexts, people convert the adjective “dank” into a noun, “the dank,” to refer to high-end cannabis itself. In particular, to earn the name “the dank,” cannabis would need to be gooey, dark, potent, and sticky. [See other slang terms for excellent cannabis here.] Dank: Usage and Meaning Examples: “Fire up that dank weed, …

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dab rig

Dab Rig

What is a dab rig?  Recycler rigs, e-rigs, and vapor rigs are all just different versions of dab rigs—usually with different features. For example, an e-rig is an electronic version with no need for a torch. [See what is dabbing here.] Temperature is important to dabbing feel, flavor, and safety, because the hot dab nail …

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What is Dabbing? The phrase dabbing came from the way you actually use a dab rig, which is a device for vaporizing dabs. The user or dabber literally dabs just a bit of the extract or concentrate onto the dab rig’s hot nail, and being the right heat, it vaporizes on the nail. The vapor …

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cannabis concentrates


What are Cannabis Concentrates?  Cannabis oils, concentrates, and extracts include hash, dabs, vape oil, CBD oil, tinctures, badder, budder, shatter, live resin, live rosin, and more. Although each is unique, a concentrate, oil, or extract is any cannabis flower derived product that is processed into a more concentrated form. Typically, these concentrates are classified based …

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What is Cannabis and where did it come from? The genus Cannabis is indigenous to Central Asia, and originated there and in upper South Asia. This is why so many landrace species are from these regions. The idea of calling Cannabis sativa hemp is confusing to many Americans, but that is principally because the main …

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