What does blazed mean? 1. Named for the cherry or blaze at the end of a cannabis cigarette or joint, use “blazed” the same way you’d use “baked,” and similar words. Examples: “I was so blazed last night that I left my phone in the fridge.” “We only planned a quick sesh, but we ended …

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Blaze Usage and Meanings: Supposedly named after the cherry or blaze at the end of a cannabis cigarette or joint, use “blaze” like you’d use “toke,” “smoke,” or “hit [a pipe or bong].” Examples: “Let’s go blaze this joint.” “Feel like blazing?” “I was so blazed last night!” Other Definitions 1. Some people also use …

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What Does Bhang Mean? The use of cannabis was once widespread in India. By the time the British commissioned the large-scale study called the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report in 1894, cannabis was so common that a team of Indian and British medical experts were unable to find any threat from its use. At that …

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Acapulco Gold

What does Acapulco Gold? Considered one of the treasures of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula, Acapulco Gold has origins that remain shrouded in mystery. Even so, it is known throughout the region and the world as a treat that produces an incredibly euphoric and energetic high, making it ideal for wake-and-bake or all-day use. In …

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What does 710 mean? Oil is used to describe more potent medical marijuana concentrates generally, such as badder, dabs, honey oil, hash oil, live resin, shatter, wax, etc. 710 is the inverted form of “oil,” the shorthand for all of those kinds of cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are known for offering higher levels of cannabinoids …

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What Does 420 Mean? The origin of the term “420” as it relates to cannabis is muddied by urban legends and untruths. Originally claimed to be “the police code for a marijuana bust.” However, the origin of “420” is now accepted to have been started by a group of California high school students who would …

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