Blunt is a noun that is another word for a marijuana cigarette. Typically hand-rolled, a cannabis cigarette or joint, can also be called blunt.
“Let’s go smoke this blunt.”
“Pass the blunt!”

Blunt Usage and Meaning:

Have you ever wondered why there are SO many names for marijuana and cigarettes rolled from it? There are many different names for cannabis, and the list is always changing. The main reason is that cannabis being illegal means getting high should be secret for most people.

Secrecy plus illegality plus local differences has generated a massive list of words for “cannabis cigarette” over time. Here are some of the most common, including blunt:

  • Blunt
  • Doobie (first use in the 1960s, for a marijuana cigarette, also Scooby Dooby, Groovy Dooby, etc)
  • Dutch (another word for cannabis cigarette)
  • Fatty (a large cannabis cigarette)
  • Gasper (really, any hand-rolled cigarette can be a gasper)
  • J or Jay (short for joint)
  • Joint (another word for a hand-rolled cannabis cigarette)
  • Pre-roll (a cannabis cigarette you don’t have to roll, you can buy from a dispensary)
  • Roach (another word for cannabis cigarette)
  • Spliff (another word for joint or marijuana cigarette)
  • Stick (or, really, _____ stick, like trippy stick or wizard stick, always means a joint)
  • Twizzler (refers to the candy, but means the cannabis)

Images of a blunt

Blunt definition

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