Cannasseur is a noun, a portmanteau or mashup of “connoisseur” and “cannabis.” If you’re here, you already know what cannabis is (or you can read our definition here).

What does cannaseur mean?

A connoisseur is an expert in some area, a person who is an authority and has special experience or training. A connoisseur can also be anyone with a highly developed or refined sense of taste.

For example, a wine connoisseur may be able to identify rare wines by tastes others don’t notice; a spice connoisseur may be able to distinguish between many types of curries that seem the same to most people. Some people self-apply the term connoisseur when they have extensive knowledge of and affinity for something; they have become quasi-experts through experience.

So, a cannasseur has developed this level of expertise and knowledge about cannabis. They enjoy consuming cannabis and can distinguish between its many types and varieties more ably than other users.

Cannasseur Usage and Meaning:


  • “I’m no cannasseur. Just give me whatever hybrid is on special, and I’m happy.”
  • “Hmmm, which strains are best for yoga in the woods? Ask Grunhelgo, they are a total cannasseur.”
  • “If you want to land a job as a budtender, it helps to display your credibility as a cannasseur who can offer insight to customers.”
Cannasseur Definition
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