Cherry is a noun that refers to the lit end of a cannabis cigarette. It glows red…like a cherry.

What does cherry mean?

In the more specific cannabis only context, cherry has another, more specific meaning that arises when smoking a bowl. While smoking, you hold your heat source right over the top of the bowl. You cover the carb hole to inhale, and this creates the red, lit up cherry that allows you to pass to your friend. They don’t have to light up again.

(You release the carb to inhale, and exhale away from the bong or pipe so you don’t ruin the cherry or anything else for your friends.)

Cherry Usage and Meaning:

  • “I saw that cherry and I knew it would soon be my turn with the pipe.”
  • “It was dark in the room, but I could smell that dank weed and see the cherry from the joint.”
  • Cherry also becomes a verb sometimes, like this:
  • “Hey, I cherried the bowl, man, it’s ready to go!”

Images that describe the definition of “cherry” 

Cherry Definition
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