Also called a one-hitter or bat, a chillum is a small pipe that holds a single hit of cannabis.

What does chillum mean?

Typically made in glass, metal, wood, or silicone, chillums are shaped like straight tubes, slightly skinnier at one end sometimes. The mouthpiece and the bowl are on opposite ends.

Chillums can be used alone, but especially when they’re called bats, they also come as part of a dugout set. A set with a space for the pipe, and a space for packing and loading your ground cannabis into the bat.

Chillums are simple, but they still come in many styles, from under the radar styles that look just like cigarettes to truly unique blown glass pieces of art.

Benefits of chillums include conservation, discretion, and microdosing.

  • Conservation. Chillums help you set limits, if you want to: one at a time.
  • Discretion. Chillums are small and discreet, and easy to hide. They also look more like regular cigarettes or vapes.
  • Microdosing. Chillums are perfect for microdosing, delivering small, precise hits as many medical patients aim to do.

Chillum Usage and Meaning


  • “I really just want to hit once and relax, I’m just bringing a chillum.”
  • “Myra always thinks that little chillum is fooling people because it looks like a cigarette, but her pot is so good you can smell it a mile away.”
  • “Sorry man, I only brought a chillum, none to share.”

How Do You Use a Chillum?

It may seem like chillums are just for noobs, but they are actually a great core piece in any cannabis fan’s tool kit. Here is how to use a chillum:

  • Grind your cannabis.
  • Pack the end of the chillum against the weed tightly enough that you can hold the pipe up without losing any product.
  • Put the chillum to your mouth with the cannabis end away from you.
  • Light, inhale, hold, and exhale.
  • Tap out the ash and your chillum is ready to load again.
Chillum Definition
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