Chronic is a noun that refers to high-grade cannabis that has long-lasting effects. In other words, just like your long-lasting pain, this kind of marijuana has long-lasting benefits to match.

What does chronic mean?

The origins of the phrase are funny, and not at all related to the word’s actual meaning.

Rapper Snoop Dogg began using “chronic” this way in the 1990s, and it became famous. Dr. Dre named his 1992 album The Chronic after Snoop’s usage, and the album actually did feature Snoop.

After that, “chronic” quickly became part of popular culture.

However, it was later that Snoop Dogg revealed in an interview that he began saying “chronic” after he misheard “hydroponic,” in 1991.

Chronic Usage and Meaning


  • “Hit up Des, he always has the chronic.”
  • “I was just planning on relaxing with some chronic and watching YouTube, but this bud is a serious sativa and now I’m cleaning out the closets.”
  • “Let’s roll by the dispensary, this is low grade, I need to pick up some of that chronic instead.”
Chronic Definition
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