Dank, an adjective, in the cannabis context is a slang term for awesome, potent, or just excellent overall. According to a standard dictionary, dank is an adjective that means disagreeably musty, damp, and usually cold. However, outside the spelunking context, many people use “dank” in a positive way.

In some contexts, people convert the adjective “dank” into a noun, “the dank,” to refer to high-end cannabis itself. In particular, to earn the name “the dank,” cannabis would need to be gooey, dark, potent, and sticky.

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Dank: Usage and Meaning


  • “Fire up that dank weed, man, because this has been a long day and we deserve it!”
  • “Erizakeith always finds truly dank bud. It seems like no matter where we are, mine is never quite as good.”
  • “Seen any of the true dank lately?”
  • “This cannabis was so dank, the spicy, herbal aroma hung heavy and thick in the air for at least half an hour after the pipe was cold.”

What Is “Dank” Slang For? Is Dank Good or Bad?

If you’re not discussing something that is unpleasantly humid and moist like a cave or basement, dank becomes a very desirable term. Dank describes something as high-quality or very good, especially marijuana.

You will see dank applied to other things in the same general way—to mean something really excellent. You may also see “dank” applied to weird or played out memes.

With “dank,” the clarity of meaning comes from context. What happens when the context doesn’t provide the clarity you need? For example: is that man cave dank…or dank? Unclear, but our advice is, choose a better word.

dank definition
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